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Though it has probably been around for a bit I only recently came across this mobile/online copy service called Qipit. Qipit allows you to take a picture of a document and then by emailing it to them, they will in turn email it to you back in a PDF format. This service is similar to ScanR, which offers a ‘Basic’ service plan (up to 5 uploads a month) for free and a ‘Pro’ plan that has a monthly subscription service (see a previous ScanR article for details), Qipit is different in that according to their website, it is completely free:

Copy & share documents with your camera phone or digital camera – FREE!

Copy documents, whiteboards and handwritten notes with your camera phone or digital camera to store, fax, email or publish!

  • Turn documents, notes and whiteboards into digital copies (PDFs)
  • Email or fax qipit digital copies via email, your online Qipit account, or right from your phone
  • Store all of your paper documents and notes as digital documents for easy archiving and sharing
  • Tag your qipit documents for easy searching and sorting
  • Publish and share your documents on the web

You can also sign up for a free account to have your copied images stored via their website, so you always have access to them in case you accidently delete them from your Blackberry. Here’s a quick idea how it works…

  • 1. Adjust to take a full picture
  • 2. Set the capture resolution to “High”
  • 3. Hold the camera steady and do not use the flash
  • 4. Take the picture!
  • 5. Insert your picture in an email or MMS
  • 6. “Send to”: [email protected] (for black & white) or [email protected] (for color)
  • 7. Press “send”! A clear sharp digital copy of the document is archived online, available for sharing and future use.

Give it a try, visit: Qipit.com from your computer for more information!

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