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Vlingo – Free Voice Control For BlackBerry

Vlingo powered Yahoo OneSearch for BlackBerry a bit back and now they are going solo. They are offering a free service that lets you control your BlackBerry through voice.  According to them it lets you “send emails and text messages, search the Web, open applications (BlackBerry, Calendar, BlackBerry, Maps, etc.), dial their phones, look up contacts and even send notes to themselves.

Video demo below provided by Vlingo:

Pretty cool if your into voice control. I can see it useful for when I am driving but otherwise I would rather stick to my QWERTY keypad. Let me know what you think!

Check out the press release at this link
Check out the video demo at this link
Download the application free at this link

UPDATE: Bull’s attempt at using Vlingo:

hello everyone i’m using vlingo write this message you it works slightly ok when pretty this note to self or are short message but when writing email so dictation flat out socks i don’t like and will so play with it and see what to things

*** Composed by vlingo –

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  1. I wont lie, this program is hot, it does what it can, but sometimes it just sucks. I feel like I have to clear my throat, nose lift my neck up and talk like I was taking speech lessons or something. But it does what it does.

  2. I also won’t lie, this is an AWESOME program. However!! It needs to map one of your side buttons. Since it says it can be used to open apps (Say “Open “) I figure that’s not a problem. I replaced my RIGHT SIDE key which was my Camera to VLingo. I should be able to say “Open Camera” right? Well… it doesn’t work. It always thinks I’m wanting a web search for “open camera”. That is big issue. It knows I said “open” but still thinks I want to search the web for the word “open”. Frustrating.

  3. There is a work-around for the requirement to assign a convenience key to vlingo. Let the app initially assign one of your convenience key(s) (my 8830 only has one!). In vlingo Options, set Voice Key Active to On vlingo Home, and save. Reconfigure your convenience key as it was previously. You can now launch vlingo from your BlackBerry home screen or via the 3rd-party launcher of your choice.

  4. **UPDATE**

    Well, I been playing around it also a bunch of times and now it says please speak louder or more close to the phone, if I go any close the phone would be in my mouth, maybe a problem with 4.5 and it but yea.

  5. Pinstack and Crackberry made a big deal out of this and it fell faster than flat soda on a hot day!

  6. When I first tired this I really liked it. HOWEVER I was at first using it at work where I have WiFi (UMA). When I was out at lunch with only an EDGE connection, it was really slow to send my voice command to their server (they send it out, interpret it, and send the commands back). So much so I got the Connection Timeout message again and again. If I can’t use it unless I’m on UMA, then I can’t use it.

  7. Vlingo was a waste of time and it barely worked on bberry curve. Yahoo vlingo is for yahoos.

    So many betters than this one. Bad recomendation and I remove this rss feed from my viigo.

  8. I don’t think I want to have to talk to my phone all the time. I’m gonna stick with my keyboard. The user experiences above pretty much tell me that I’m making the wiser choice.

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