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CDMA OS Found Online For 8330 & 8830

8330os45[1]It seems like CDMA users won’t be too far behind GSM users with OS 4.5 this time around. Links to OS for the BlackBerry 8330 & 8830 are popping up all over the web. We have already had 3 different sets of links sent in to us as tips over the last day.

I tried the 8330 OS on a Sprint 8330 and a friend tried the 8830 OS on a Verizon 8830 and both work well. There are some reports on the 8830 having voice quality issues.

Just as an example of how easy these OS 4.5 links are to find:

8830 CDMA – 8830CDMA_Public_4.5.0_rel48_4.5.0.33.exe

8330 CDMA – 8330CDMA_Public_4.5.0_rel48_4.5.0.33.exe

NOTE: I would not recommend installing these OSs on your Berry if you don’t know what you are doing. Even if you do these may cause problems!!!

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  1. where is the 8130?

  2. Nice One! anyone actually get it to load! Do you need to delete the verizon vendor.xml file to get it loaded?

  3. I loaded and on my 8320, didn’t do anything with vendor.xml, and both worked fine for me.

  4. Where is docs to go? I am running the 8830 one and it seems stable but there is no built in Docs to Go that I can see.

  5. Yay a new OS! For us verizon noobs who never get to see these unsanctioned upgrades does someone have a link to a tutorial on how to successfully upgrade the OS…i keep hearing things about removing some vendor.xml file…Thanks!

  6. Downloaded it but will not installed, even removed the vendor.xml (BTW its blank anyway on that version.)

    /sigh I was so hopefull.

  7. Anyone got this to work on a Sprint 8830?

  8. I dont see why this wouldnt work on Sprint. However I am stuck, the loader.exe program will not see the new OS for my VZW 8830.

  9. Has anyone been able to get this installed on Alltel’s 8330 Curve

  10. Woooo Did it, and its beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks berryreview!


  12. Well, my Bell 8830 World Edition is rebooting – it seemed to install everything fine…now fingers are crossed LOL

  13. Anyone have a non-rapidshare link?

  14. Well my Bell Mobility 8830 is up and running fine with this…now to put it through its paces 🙂

    Looks pretty slick, though at first glance!

    Thanks BerryReview!!! 🙂

  15. How do you get to install? It tells me I have nothing to install…. BBW VZW 8330 on Desktop 4.3. OOohh – do I need desktop 4.5?

  16. Ugh, this is for the 8830 World Phone not the 8330 CDMA Curve.

    Is there anyway to force this onto the curve?

  17. Not worth the trouble and here’s why:
    – No Docs to Go
    – HTML email does not work yet
    – Some Apps and Themes will break

    I did it am am now looking to go back to 4.2.196

  18. HTML emails work if your BES server is configured to do so and is running 4.1.5

    to configure run this on the db:

    UPDATE ServerConfig SET RichContentEnabled = 1 WHERE RichContentEnabled = 0
    UPDATE ServerConfig SET RichContentInlineEnabled = 1 WHERE RichContentInlineEnabled = 0
    UPDATE UserConfig SET RichContentEnabled = 1 WHERE RichContentEnabled = 0
    UPDATE UserConfig SET RichContentInlineEnabled = 1 WHERE RichContentInlineEnabled = 0

  19. Docs does work, make sure you check it for installation. Also watching youtube finally!

  20. works great on my vzw 8830! i did delete the vendor.xml

  21. Ok so I feel like a total idot. There is two different links for each device.

    One for 8830 World Phone
    One for 8330 Curve

    Hope this helps others.

  22. I made the same mistake, but I am getting a Curve anyway, so downloading both when rapidshare lets me.

  23. Re: Docs to Go – Thanks for the heads up!
    It is not checked by default so you have to go in and do it yourself. Now, I am liking this leak a little more!

  24. Man I hate rapidshare. Via Firefox 3 the 8830 download has “finished” twice now at only 15MB downloaded (rapidshare says it’s 75MB). Annoying since rapidshare makes you wait 10 minutes between download attempts.

    For those wondering about HTML email, it WON’T work if you use BIS UNTIL the BIS 2.5 upgrades RIM is supposed to be doing this weekend.

    Oh, and there are screen shots around of Docs to Go on a VZW 8830, so if it’s not there on your device, double check that you enabled installing it in Desktop Manager.

  25. Up and running on Sprint 8330. I haven’t upgraded BES to 4.1.5 yet, so the HTML is not working. I’m interested in the geotracking under the camera options. Had to delete the vender.xml used BB Desktop Mgr 4.3 to install.

  26. Got Docs to go installed but for some reason the Excel module didn’t install. Anyone else with this issue?

  27. So I have it running on both 8830 World Phones and 8330 Curves (both Verizon).

    I have 4.1.5 BES and have enabled HTML emails. It VERY cool. No more super long URLs in the middle of emails.

    Still feeling it out, I am also missing the excel, have the power point and word docs apps.

  28. The free version of Docs includes Word and PowerPoint, but not Excel. Excel capability is only included in the Premium version ($69).

  29. Would someone be able to post a non rapidshare link? I have tried downloading it 6 times and it never completes the download. Thanks in advance!

  30. I cant even get mine to run. I ran the installer it says it installs to my computer, then I run Desktop Manager and it doesn’t show up in the list of programs to be installed. Using BB Desktop 4.3… upgrading to 4.5 to see if it works

  31. Shift to select multiple email messages does not work, and shift to select text in BB Messenger does not work.

    Why can’t they fix the red light issue in BB Messenger?

  32. RE: Excel
    – just download the GridMagic Community edition. And yeah, I hate rapidshare – too slow.

  33. Uh oh – @Ryan, looks like shift to select ANYTHING doesnt work!!!!! In any app!

  34. Ok so my install failed for docs on the go. Then it installed and didnt work. Going to reinstall again…. Youtube does not work. Tries to work but error loading file… any suggestions???

  35. I thought you were supposed to be able to open attachments with documents to go? Whats the point if you cant even save the attachment to open it.. doesnt make sense

  36. Installation went fine on 8330 but having the same problem with not being able to select text.

  37. downloaded and everything seems to work except there were no ringtones and the alarm and vibrate don”t work. Any work arounds? Thanks.

  38. this is crap, i’ve searched the web high and low and keep reading that 4.5 for the 8130 is “in the wild” but the wild obviously keeps evading me. i can’t find it for the life of me and as far as i can see that is the only current model without a version of 4.5 to dl. someone please tell me if you know where i can get one

  39. OK I found out why I cant download the attachments.. We havent updated to the new BIS yet.
    This works well the BB feels faster with the update. ONe problem I found is when the phone is “asleep” backlight off if you hit the trackball to wake it, it selects whatever is on the screen, email icons etc… the other buttons work fine. Also cant select text either

  40. So I still can not get youtube to work. I got working but no youtube!

  41. youtube works for me even better than before

  42. I have a Sprint 8830 and installed it with no problems. I did have to delete the VENDOR.XML file though to get it to start. I am noticing though that I am not able to “hide” or “move” icons though. Anyone have a clue on that?

  43. Ya no issues with icons. Try a different theme. was working but now its not. Still no youtube. For those of you that have youtube working pls report what you have ur browser properties set to….

  44. I have a VZW 8830. I cannot locate my browser and do not have connectivity.

  45. i Have a 8330 VZW and SMS doesn’t work any help please

  46. So I have confirmed that outbound SMS does not work on 8330, will test 8830 when I get into the office. SMS inbound does work however trying to send an SMS message you get:
    “SMS error 5, message ID XX”
    Also would say the device has been running faster, youtube is working, is not (although I didnt know it would work before reading about it here), and I have noticed an issue with typing into text boxes in the browser.

  47. Ok, crossing my fingers and I’m gonna try this out on my Sprint 8830 as soon as the file finishes downloading.

    Hopefully I’ll figure out how/what I’m doing. Wish me luck.

    Can we get a list of problems with Sprint 8830s?

  48. I installed it on my Sprint 8330. Outgoing SMS works fine for me. The only issue i’ve noticed so far is that there is no option to “Delete on Handheld” or “Delete on mailbox”….there is only a “Delete” option. BTW, I had to delete the vendor.xml file to get it to work. Otherwise, it would just hang.

  49. Ok another update, 8830 World Phone AND 8330 Curve both can not send SMS messages on Verizon network.
    Also browser has major issues selecting a text box, try going to google and clicking in a text box to type.
    I really hope someone out there is smart enough to figure out why SMS isnt working. For the browser issue I think thats here to stay until next version, however I will play with the settings and see what happens.

  50. I figured out how to hide/move icons. It is a little different on this version. You hover over the icon and press the menu button. The method does not work in 4.5.

    As for bugs, cannot say that I have noticed any on my Sprint 8830. E-mail, SMS, Call quality, BB Messenger, Viigo, etc… all operating as usual. I did notice that when it came from a sleep mode, the hourglass spun for about a full minute the first time and when I accessed my address book as well but it was a one-time occurrence.

    Overall, I am quite pleased 🙂

  51. Lee,

    I also installed on my Sprint 8330. Can you tell me if you noticed that there is only an option to delete an e-mail? Thanks in advance!

  52. Ok, I’m in the process of upgrading now… how long does it take?

    It’s been almost half an hour and it’s still going.

  53. Verizon 8330, did the upgrade, SMS seems to be working fine on my Curve, email is working fine as well. I am, however, having problems getting Google Maps 2.1 to start after selecting to allow permission to access radio information the device locks up. I may just deny that access since I have an external GPS I use for position reporting.

  54. Ironically, it finished as I left the last comment. Looks nice, seems to run nice. No problems here so far on a BB 8830 WE for Sprint.

  55. The only thing I cannot get to work is Google Maps 2.1. I haven’t tried 2.2 yet as I need external BlueTooth GPS option. Anyone know a work around or have any adivce?

  56. I’m on verizon w/an 8830 and everything works but the SMS. I did not do a total wipe install, so I don’t know if the SMS funkiness is b/c something is lingering. Has anyone with verizon on an 8830 been able to send SMS messages? If so, did you do a full wipe install?

  57. I am liking the new themes. The L one looks quite nice, although I might get rid of it anyway (on Sprint).

    Also, youtube videos are quite nice.

    I like the way the messages look and it does feel snappier. Very nice. Looking forward to after this weekend though. Need to figure out how to add Docs to Go though and then remove that XML file.

  58. On Verizon Network, SMS OK, You Tube OK, VZ Navigator OK, Internet OK, company email OK, Media Player OK, Everything works perfect! Now Docs to go is another issue. Is it worth the effort to get it to install properly? Also notices free memory before was 21 megs and is now 17 megs without the Docs to Go module……


  59. on VZW.
    These are the issues i noticed,
    1. Browser- problems typing in boxes
    2. Ringer/Alarm- VERY VERY LOW RINGER even lower then 4.2!
    3. Blackberry messenger- red indicator stays on sometimes
    4. Shift/select/copy/paste- doesn’t work!
    5. when backlight off selecting ball or pressing key turns on screen and selects whatever the courser is on or presses that key.
    6. Media card- cannot access media card from computer or Mass Storage drive.
    7. when scrolling does not click
    8. have noticed heavy memory leak!

  60. Ok, I’ve noticed on Sprint, copy and paste doesn’t (high-light text) with the shift button.

    For people typing into web browsers, hover over the area you want to input text and begin typing. That works for me.

  61. hovering over area and typing works but if you try to hover over again it doesn’t type.

  62. I seem to have lost my facebook app even though it says it’s installed. That kinda sucks.

  63. Hey “portorikan”, I had the same issue with the FaceBook app when I upgraded my 8320 to However I did a re-install and all was fixed. If I would need to do this again I would uninstall Facebook first, upgrade OS and then install Facebook.

  64. @Nikolaus

    Thanks. I’ll try that later.

  65. Voice Notes is not working on mine. Anyone else have that problem?

  66. If you disable cursor in column view you can type in fields in the browser easier.

    I also don’t have voice notes, but I never did before.

  67. I look forward to seeing a more current beta product from this site. : -)

  68. Ok so.. works but you HAVE to use the emulation for the blackberry browser. Youtube no go. SMS is bugged at best. Phone has froze up a couple times and the media player has crashed the phone. Most of that you all reported.. Whats the deal with the new ringtones… I mean they are not new but boy do they sound different. The mp3’s I have loaded sound no different… But say Tune_Entertainer for example. Used to be very loud and full sounding. Now its sounds like crap! Very tiny and no bass to it at all… Midi engine changed??

  69. i just installed 4.5 on my vzw 8330. i can’t send outgoing sms messages and can’t receive incoming calls.

    any suggestions?

  70. Downgrade or try a reinstall. Its beta. I have seen no posts to fix these type of problems…

  71. thank you. i figured out the phone calls. got that to work.. but the sms thing is insane.

    what is the easiest way to downgrade? thank you.

  72. How did you get the phone working?? Sms sucks for sure. I can receive sms from friends.. From the web… Just not from the same network

  73. i just hit *73 and send. all calls were going directly into voicemail. that cured it.

    i can receive sms from friends, but i can’t send any out. it just puts an X next to the message.

  74. To downgrade uninstall os 4.5 from ur programs in the control panel of ur computer. Reinstall 4.2 and connect ur phone. Should downgrade you. Search online for downgrade instructions if you need more detail

    -sent via OS4.5- 🙂

  75. See strange for me because my sms send successfully to everyone just don’t always reach them.

  76. did u download directly from the blackberry site or another site?

    i did from a 3rd party site. i’m doing from blackberry now.

    i just want to be able to send sms. is that so much to ask for?

  77. There is no official release of 4.5 for my phone that I know of…

  78. A pseudo fix for the Browser text field issue is to uncheck “Enable cursor in column view” under Browser Options > General Properties. The browser will feel like the old 4.2 browser, but at least it’ll be usable.

  79. SMS is currently working no problem today. Sends immediately. All I did was go into sms options set to urgent and immediate then set back to normal and immediate. Battery pull and away we go! Who knows why?!

  80. Version works fine on my 8830 VZW

  81. Here is another update.

    After following the above idea to set the importance and set it back I was able to send an SMS. I was not able to yesterday. Also I didnt have to reboot the phone.

    One other thought might be someone called Verizon and they fixed it and it was more a time issue then a work around.

  82. Woohoo! Verified! Thanks Eric. I dont know if they have fixed it our if my workaround is the fix. I am on Bell and had problems all day yesterday. Messed with the SMS and voila! Cool to know I actually figured something out before the rest of the world lol!!!

  83. Any work around for selecting text?

  84. Upgraded last night on 8830 with Verizon – Required deleting vend0r.xml file

    Used these install instructions:

    They are NOT specifically for the 8830, but they work none the less.

    * Noticed select button no longer works for selecting multiple emails (to delete) or selecting anything (I really miss this feature!)
    * Media Player looks nice, but is buggy; hangs on movies and some won’t play anymore. – Sometimes have to reset phone to resolve hung state.
    * SMS wasn’t working, but after following “Canson” instructions “Thanks man!”
    * To Enable HTML e-mail on BES Server:

    Enabled this feature, restarted phone and BES Server and HTML Email Rocks!

    * HTML Support to all others:

    There is supposed to be a network upgrade this weekend to enable full native HTML email support.

    *Pressing center ball to wake up selects whatever the cursor is over automatically (annoying and hard to retrain myself to press a different key to wake up from sleep)
    *Youtube works nicely although a bit pixelated at times but sound quality is superb.
    *Love the updates to the daily calendar view, Address book, and browser
    *For you road warriors out there, I came across vlingo “” today and am very impressed with it (free speech to text utility).
    *GoogleMaps 2.2.0 works well (no GPS though, thanks Verizon!). Wish BBerry Maps had Cellular Triangulation. For that matter, wish Verizon allowed GPS; heck, why not wish for a Bentley while I’m at it.

    All in all I like the updates, can live with the bugs (now that SMS is working), and can’t wait for future releases.

  85. Since I helped a couple of you out maybe you could help me! LOL here goes… No youtube still!! Reinstalled the os. Tried emulating every browser. Tried the proxy thing… Nothing. Only site I can stream from is Help a man out who has helped you!

  86. Canson,

    Not sure if this will do anything, but on Verizon they use servicebooks to allow the phone to know what it can do on Verizon’s network. At one point I knew a way to delete all the service books but I forgot. You can request a service book update from the BES Server and also from Verizon directly. To request a service book update from Verizon access your e-mail settings on the blackberry. Once logged into your account you can click a link for servicebook update which will re-sync with your phone. From BES right click your name and select “Send Servicebook update”.

    If this doesn’t fix the problem you could double check the security Firewall to verify nothing is getting blocked.

    Last resort would be to Backup your device and wipe the handheld. Options / Security Options / General Settings / Options Key / Wipe Handheld.

    After the wipe I would see if youtube works. If not just restore. If it does work have fun reinstalling your apps…

    P.S. Don’t ever pull out the battery again use Ctrl+Alt+Del or for the BBerry “Lt ALT+ Rt Shift + Del”

    Hope something here helps.

  87. Jeromy,

    Tried all of these things… I am on the bell network and I have sent the service books already. I see in my listing of servicebooks that some have a red x. Also… If it was in the firewall setting what could I do besides allow all??? Thanks for taking the time to write everything you have 🙂 I will keep at it. If you have any other ideas be sure to post.

  88. Canson,
    Have you tried to delete all the service books, then resend?

    When does the error occur, before selecting a video, clicking a video, or opening in the media player?

  89. Can I really delete them all??? I have GPS Nav that costs 10 bucks a month but I dont pay for it cause I cancelled… I beleive it still works due to the service book still being there.

    What happens when I click the video is it says loading forever.. there is alot of network activity and then it says “Error Playing” An error has occured attempting to play media.

  90. Ok my bad. No service books have a red x that was my certificates. What service books should I delete?? Should I really delete them all???

  91. Ok without deleting any of the servicebooks I sent them again from BIS. No luck with youutbe. Just afraid to delete the service books and something not work after.

  92. I’m gonna compromise and try installing this on my “old” BB 8830 and see how it goes. Not quite ready to risk Beta software on my Curve.

  93. After hunting all over for the vendor.xml file so I could rename it I appear to have gotten this to work. It installed, rebooted and seems to work. *crosses fingers*

  94. I had installed unite! 1.01 before OS4.5 I can see there is an IT policy called Bluetooth tracking. How the hell do I get this thing off of here???

  95. VZW 8830 works fine. Noticed a little heating when watching Youtube videos, but that’s to be expected. Waiting for HTML e-mail though… I’m sick of having to read HTML, very annoying… The Bold needs to be out sooner. Why does RIM make us do this to ourselves!?!?

  96. I’m also having a problem with playing youtube videos. It comes up with a message Javascript is not enabled. However, in my settings it shows enabled. Tried resetting but no luck. Anyone else having this problem?

  97. Ok, I figured out how to play Youtube videos. While in Browser, select Browser options, then Browser Configuration. The Emulation Mode is defaulted to Microsoft IE. Change it to Blackberry. After doing this, Youtube works fine.

  98. I installed the 8330 version on Verizon last night and I couldnt send SMS messages

    I tried everything i could to get it to work with no luck.
    I down graded back.

    If anyone gets a version working on a 8330 without the SMS problem let me know.
    My PIN is 319F92F8

  99. I’ve loaded and started using Vlingo after verfying everything working with 4.5 beta. All I can say is wow, it has brought the BB to a new level of performance!
    The program allows one to do google searches, texting, and emailing hands free. There is no drain on the memory, since it streams data from a server in Cambridge, MA. Not a problem, if you are on an unlimited data plan. A little buggy, still in it’s beta release. But very cool and useful.
    Jeromy, many kudos for the link

  100. Has anyone figured out a way to select text yet?

  101. Browser, email, sms (incoming and outgoing) and making/receiving calls all work fine on VZW 8830, I did resend the service books (though I probably didn’t need to) but did not delete any. The only odd thing I;ve noticed is that the first day the phone seemed slowwwwww but the next day response time was about the same as before.

  102. selecting text works the same as before for me.

  103. @Tim: Are you using shift+trackball to select text, or choosing Select from the menu? And have you tried to select text in the browser?

  104. The menu option, never knew about the shift+trackball option. Just tried that and it does not work anymore (but does on my non-updated curve). Also works in the browser.

  105. HTML E-mail works as of today! Had VZW resend the service books and voila! HTML e-mail. It’s glorious

  106. Anyone figure out the deal with the friggin trackball clicking?

  107. Carson,

    If you want to eliminate the IT Policy you’ll have to wipe the device : Options > Security Options > General Settings > Blackberry button – Wipe Handheld.

    Be sure to back up all data because it will erase everything. It also gives to option to preserve 3rd party apps.

    Other than that, youll have to you the JD Builder, which pretty much forces you to eliminate the OS and youll have to reinstall the 4.5. Let me know

  108. Anyone’s keyboard backlight not working? Am i missing an option to turn it on?

  109. 8830 used to be able to play 3GP encoded movies. New version 4.5 will only play .mp4 encoded movies.

    Tried to save a Youtube video and phone locks up and must be restarted.

  110. They play fine for me as well. I also got a restart when trying to save a movie.

  111. Is there away to get HTML Email when you are not on a Enterprise server My mail is a normal POP account that was setup and then registered at

  112. The new BIS is running on Verizon now so if you’ve installed the software linked above you should be getting it now. If not go to the link you posted and resend your service books and pull the battery for a few seconds. When finishes booting go into the messagins section and mane sure HTML email is enabled from there. Mine was by default but some people have to enable it manually.

    Just so you are on the same page, understand something, the BB has the ability to VIEW HTML email, not generate it and when you reply to html email it turns it into plain text.

  113. Working like a champ on my vzw 8830. Upgraded to docs to go pro and it too works awesome. Got a memory leak, but I had that before. Also can’t seem to reognize my sd card on the desktop though I’m going to try a reformat to see if that works…. Love it.

  114. I just enabled it I didnt have the option till I resent the service books I still dont see HTML I view my email from the messages link is that correct It shows all messages in there SMS,Email,and missed calls

  115. 2GB media card works fine for me.

  116. I got everything working dont see any issues I am able to play movies on you tube and can now pass the test for playing movies from ORB (there test files work)but unable to play my own library Alot further then I was with 4.3

  117. Grrrr… So frustrated to see everyone getting youtube to work and I can not. allows me to stream… sorta… works. I have a red padlock on my firewall from Unite! still. Pass a blank IT policy to it and cleared the bluetooth policy but cannot turn the damn firewall off. Maybe this is why youtube dont work?? Also.. when I connect to youtube and actually try to stream it begins downloading and even shows the amount of time the file is… Just never play and then errors out… Any suggestions?? Also anyone get BBtext2IM working???

  118. Stumbled on this messing with ORB there is a Flash player in version 4.5

  119. Was this directed at me? What is ORB? How can I adjust the setting of the flash player??

    June 30th, 2008 19:18 Stumbled on this messing with ORB there is a Flash player in version 4.5”

  120. ORB? as in the streaming music website? I can load the page but it says they are on version 2.0 for both the web and the desktop

    As for BBtext2IM mine seems to work to receive texts but not sure if it is sending them OK

  121. Wiped handheld, no more firewall… No more policy.. No youtube 🙁 is anyone out there using CDMA that has actually got it to work??

  122. I have it working perfectly on my Verizon 8330 BB I had to uninstall the desktop manager 4.3 and install the 4.5 version to get it to load the new OS. As I said I only found that I had to change my Jive Talk setting from TCP to BES
    I can even stream video and audio to it including Internet TV

  123. Can you add me on msn??? [email protected] this is driving me crazy!

  124. SPD2612, question for you. When you say “including Internet TV” what are you referring too?

    I know YouTube works and I am very much looking forward to Sling Player to release a BlackBerry version but is there a site I don’t know about that steams actual live TV?

  125. There are lots of Internet live TV sites I access all media including live TV sites thru my ORB server You could even set ORB up to watch your own TV

  126. For you guys with problems with youtube what language is it defaulting to?

  127. Adding up to the YouTube thing, I have sprint CDMA service and it works great. I have the browser emulation set to blackberry and I also use the following URL to access the site:
    I’ve notice that if I enter I have some problems viewing it site.

    Another idea, have you guys done a device wipe after or before installing, I think it helps to eliminate any extra bagage the os might have or get after the install.

  128. I couldn’t get desktop manager to recognize the os at all and used all versions, so I made it update it by replacing the folders for 4.3 with 4.5, and then I also noticed that none of my videos would work, not .mp4 or .3gp, other than that is was fine, if anyone has any tips for installing this because I could really use it, please email me at [email protected]

  129. You ned to rename or delete the file Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader/vedor.xml This file blocks OS installs not meant for your device. I always rename it because in case you want or need it back.

  130. OS for the 8330

    Happy 4th of July weekend courtesy of anonymous tipster

  131. Has anyone seen 4.5 for the CDMA 8130 pearl???? I see screenshots where people say they are running it…but NOBODY has it….help!!!


  132. I read somewhere that RIM as going to release one but the only betas I’ve hard of anyone having are the curve and 8830.

  133. Looking for beta 8830 .51 or .52

  134. BlackBerry OS for CDMA 8330, 8830

    Downloading now…

  135. Anyone else had problems w/ Spint TV and Sprint Radio not working? I have the 8330

  136. Sprint TV and Radio isnt going to work under 4.5 yet

  137. Uh Sprint TV works on all versions

  138. Blackberry OS for CDMA 8830 and 8330

    Loaded it last night onto my Verizon 8830.
    * Select using the Shift key now works
    * SMS still works
    * Youtube video is much better quality (still can’t save but at least it doesn’t crash when trying to save).
    * Pressing center track ball when sleeping does NOT also select the application (works as expected.)

    Have fun!

  139. NOTE regarding Upgrade – When I upgraded my phone it deleted all my apps and didn’t put them back and I had to download them again manually; however, I didn’t mind so much because I had a-lot of junk installed.

    Also, during the upgrade process the 1st time the application didn’t complete the upgrade and I thought my phone was hosed. I rebooted my phone (Left Alt + Right Up Arrow + Del) while connected to the USB cable, re-started the BlackBerry Desktop 4.5, and re-ran the upgrade which completed the 2nd time successfully.

    Lastly I didn’t have to delete the veodor.xml file 🙂 Sweet! but I did loose all my ota downloaded themes.

    Highly recommend running a backup before upgrading your phone.

  140. I’ve been running this for the last week with NO problems on my Verizon 8830. The upgrade did take almost 45 min though, so don’t panic if it seems like it’s taking a long time!

  141. looks like it’s no longer available. Anybody know where else it could be found?

  142. Here is the 8310
    Scroll down to find the right firmware. Before you update your phone, delete the vendor.xml file, then connect the phone and voila!

  143. i fond this site

    seems to be a link for os cdma for the 8330, im downloading it now, I hope it works better than the last.

  144. Ronen,
    You should put an “update” comment on all these old beta OS threads noting when there’s a posting here about a newer version!

  145. k i dont know why either but if ur having problems like me and canson at #80 i tried his method of going into your options and then to sms txt changing the priority from normal to urgent and then saving then switching it back to normal and saving it once again and then turn off your phone and then take out ur battery, put it back in and then start it up it should work again. Weird??? i know it sounds stupid but it works. whatever gets the job done…

  146. I tried the update – now my vzw 8830 boots to homepage and freezes. Tried battery pulls, connecting to desktop, but nada. Have I bricked my phone?

  147. Hey lonewolf:
    First off what are you doing installing such old beta software? Several newer betas are posted about here at BerryReview!

    As to fixing your device, you probably have to do a device full wipe from Desktop Manager, or you could try playing with JavaLoader GUI:

    I personally have yet to find a stable 4.5 beta for my VZW 8830. YMMV.

  148. I’m running with no issues at all. Love it. Here’s a good resource for you:

  149. David, what’s wrong with the .77 beta? Works great for me.

  150. Full wipe and install twice. Constant lockups. No idea why or what app. Nothing installed but base beta OS and docs to go. Synced with Outlook2007 and after that just all out flaky. Oh well.

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