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Review: GetItBack – Find Your Lost BlackBerry

Getitback6Review: GetItBack
[rating:10] 10/10

Price: $9.99

I have been working with Dan over at Convenience Software on testing GetItBack (formerly Find)It. GetItBack is a BlackBerry location program that is relatively cheap and simple to use. I am always one for stating the obvious so here I go… this is just a “no brainer” for anybody with a GPS enabled BlackBerry!!! Basically it’s a ten dollar insurance policy that will help you find your BlackBerry if it get’s lost or stolen. A small program gets installed on your BlackBerry which reports back to their server with statistics every 30 seconds. Yea.. I know what you are going to say… what about my battery? I have not noticed any significant degradation in my battery’s performance.

Now let’s say you have lost or “misplaced” you BlackBerry. Well let’s go to the website and log in.



So you can see what those statistics are for.  Obviously if the stats show that your current screen state is unlocked it is safe to assume someone has picked up your BlackBerry. The SIM info is handy as well.  In the event your BlackBerry was stolen you can tell whether the thief replaced your SIM card with their own.


I just love the GPS feature … I mean how cool is that ?! As long as you have a BlackBerry with GPS you will always know where it is at.  Now if this would only work on my 17 year old daughter :-)


As you can see the controller section enables you to execute many remote commands on your BlackBerry.  I tested them and they all work.  It takes few minutes for the remote command to execute once you have sent it from the website.  Here is a description of each command.


Being able to have your phone call you or having it display a message saying something like “Please call “your#” if you have found my BlackBerry” is cool.  The combination between the GPS and the remote commands really increases your chances of finding your BlackBerry or possibly retrieving it if it has been stolen. Also being able lock your BlackBerry remotely is nice too.

So again… this is just a “no brainer”.  I totally think ten bucks is worth it to ”Lojack” your BlackBerry. If you are as attached to your BlackBerry as I am then you will think it’s worth it.  Plus it is so easy to setup.

Don’t get me wrong somebody can always wipe the BlackBerry and remove all of the software but as you can see a thief is not always an intelligent thief.

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  1. This software is absolute genius and well-worth $10. I wish I’d had it when my blackberry was stolen earlier this year and I wound up spending $250 to replace it.

  2. im i have a silly question…
    i would like to have this program…
    but i have curve 8320…obviously not a gps curve…
    could i still use his app?

  3. in response to the previous post, yea everything works except the GPS which is still awesome. My phone doesnt have GPS either but I just bought it to see how the rest of the features work and it’s pretty incredible. If my phone is ever lost or stolen I can lock it and send a message telling whoever has it that it is useless and hopefully they will return it for a small reward! I can also use it to find it if I lose it in my house somewhere and left it on silent. This program is awesome and I am going to try and get it installed on all my company’s blackberries to help keep our confidential information confidential.

  4. Agree, well worth $10 even for a Berry without GPS (or for us poor folks whose GPS is intentionally crippled by Verizon or other carrier). My wife keeps hers always on vibe and we’ve “got it back” several times when lost around the house.

    It’s also useful for when our infant son finds one of our phones, and we want to make it go nuts in his hands! Great fun there for $10/each!!!

  5. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before! I have signed up and feel so much better having done so. Ten bucks is nothing compared to what I paid for my 8310. Thank you for this post!

  6. I downloaded the trial version from the via OTA. It installs fine. I found a new icon of the application in my phone. while i click it it throws an exception message and quit. i am using 8800. Not a good app. How dare this company publish a software which throws exception. bad…

  7. Getting the same problem with this app. The flash demo of this app is show via an emulator. I don’t get it how it works for others. i am using BlackBerry pearl with 4.5 OS

  8. To all those experiencing customer service problems,

    My name is Dan and I am the creator of Convenience Software. Let me first say I am extremely sorry that so many have been experiencing problems with our customer service. From this point on my business partner and I are personally taking charge of all customer service issues and plan on addressing all issues completely and in a timely
    manner. At this point I believe I have responded to all those who have voiced concerns via phone or email and hope their issues have been resolved. It is a personal embarrassment to me that Convenience Software has been anything but “convenient” over these past few days but rest assured steps have been taken to rectify this problem. Rest assured that the issue people have been having with the install applies only to very specific phones in certain situations and the vast majority of our customers have had no problems with the installation or use of the program. Additionally, we are currently fixing the problem and should have it solved in the next couple of days.

    We truly want the best for you, your family, your business and anyone else who uses our software. It is supposed to make life easier, not more difficult.

    Let me remind all customers that there is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all of our software. If you purchase any of our programs and we cannot satisfy you in any way, we will happily refund the full purchase price.

    Again, I sincerely apologize to anyone who has ANY issues with our company and hope to regain any goodwill we may have lost in the past few days. Thank you and if you have further questions feel free to email me at [email protected].

    Thanks again,


  9. Amazing!

    Does it works outside US? I mean Spain.

  10. Can this program work or is there a way to locate a blackberry that is already lost and the software was not put on the phone. I lost y work issued blackberry8820. And need to return it or I will have to pay for it. Know it is in the house just not sure where the 2 year old put it

  11. I purchased GetItBack from a third-party vendor, downloaded it to my Macintosh computer, and have tried and tried to install it to my 8330 using PocketMac. Nuthin’ doin’ It just won’t install. I’ve e-mailed and even called Convenience Software. They don’t reply.

    So much for “Dan” and his comments (above) of July 1!

    I’m sure this is great software–if it could be installed on my BlackBerry!!

  12. UPDATE!!! After sending a rather–umm–“acerbic” e-mail to tech support for GetItBack, I received an e-mail from Dan at the company, and a link for an OTA download. I have now installed the software successfully and, while I have not yet had time to test it, all seems to be in order.

    So you CAN trust Dan!

  13. Does anyone know what the size of this app is on the 8310?

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