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Review: JL_Cmder – BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife

editors-choice-small.jpgReview: JL_Cmder
Cost: FREE!!! (Thanks to Doug at BBforums)

This one is an oldie but goodie. I found myself fighting with BlackBerry Unite over the weekend and decided it was time to remove it instead of struggling. But wait, how the hell do you uninstall this thing? Turns out the only sure way to free yourself from Unite’s grasp is to set your BlackBerry back to out-of-the-box state. No I don’t mean a simple security wipe it (tried that 4 times) I mean COMPLETELY reinstall the OS. Oh what fun huh? Well with this nifty piece of freeware I found, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. JL-Cmder to the rescue!


This multipurpose application was created by d_fisher @ Blackberry Forums to completely wipe your device of the OS. It’s not pretty but it sure gets the job done. A couple keyboard strokes and you have yourself a completely clean BlackBerry. Once your device is “wiped” you are free to reinstall your OS (or install that nifty version of 4.5 you downloaded 😉 )

Aside from wiping the device, the program also provides a quick and easy way to; export basic device info to a .txt file, take screenshots, view your event log, or even provide commands to manipulate your device via command line. Five stars, A+, two thumbs up, 10 out of 10! Proof that an application doesn’t need to be stylish to be effective.

Download the Application here. ( Registration at is required for download. A nice set of thorough instructions can be found there as well.


  • Easily wipe your device
  • Free software
  • Works on OS 4.0.2+


  • None

Conclusion: JL_Cmder won our Editors Choice Award due to the fact that it is an essential application for all BlackBerry users. It simplifies the command line to a nice and easy interface. It is also the simplest way to restore your BlackBerry if it becomes FUBAR. Nice work Doug!

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  1. Yes, this is a very good nifty little program, I’ve used it a few times on alot of my friends blackberries

  2. Nathan: If you had major problems with Unite! you can ask me. Ronen has my e-mail. I got it to work fine under 4.2.2, then after upgrading to I had trouble again, but I won out in the end.

  3. Nice article, one note for those trying to use this for resetting to factory. I believe that the device software needs to be at 4.3.0 or above for the resettofactory function to work correctly.

    You might check you source on that one but otherwise it is a great tool. 4.5 has been officially released for a number of devices that were previously at a 4.2.1 version or there are betas floating around if needed. The end result will be wiping the OS anyway but that may be the only way you will get rid of your IT Policy and any other restrictions.

  4. Nikolaus–I am currently using a 8830WE and my fiance has a Curve. Since I am with Verizon, I’m still stuck with and she is on 4.3-something. I tried the “reset to factory” option on her phone and it seemed to do little more than a security wipe. However the “wipe” function completely removes the OS leaving a blank slate for returning your Berry to “out of the box” state. I was rather confused by the words as well.

  5. ONCE i wipe out my bb how will i get the os back please guide

  6. Gotten me out of many sticky situations when a BB tried to turn itself into a brick.
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