RIM Officially Releases Desktop Manager 4.5

RIM has been really busy lately delivering a lot of good stuff in the weeks and months to come. The latest update is that Desktop Manager 4.5 is now officially released. (as opposed to it being available unofficially for quite awhile) Nothing really crazy new in this release but it is news.  


With all the new stuff that RIM is supposed to officially release we should be getting more upgrades in the near future. Desktop Manager 4.6 is right around the corner.

You can pick up the download at this link:

Thanks to Nathan, Shaun, D. Gonzalez and a couple others for sending this one in! Not sure if Terrapin @ PinStack caught this first.

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  1. I get an error message after I click on the download link.

  2. Surprise, surprise. Verizon not offering, still have 4.3 on THEIR download site.

  3. T-Mo desktop software is up to Woohoo!

    4.5 will probably take a few months to show up.

    Anyone know if installing 4.5 from the Blackberry website will work properly with a T-Mo 8320 running the current 4.2.X OS?

  4. Per previous post, I meant installing 4.5 Desktop Software, not OS.

  5. @Ron: I was running Desktop SW 4.6beta with by 4.2 OS BB. No problem. Since I am using 4.6 desktop sw with no problems I doubt I’ll “down grade” to 4.5. I am btw running OS on my T-Mo 8320 Ron and works great. Had a few hickups at first but now works great and am loving it. My 8320 with OS 4.5 feels amazing.

  6. Downloaded DM 4.5 Bundle 16 from site in comment 2. It sees my VZW 8830 running 4.2.2 and it did an autobackup over Bluetooth when I got in range, but it refuses to perform a sync of either content or certificates. Clicking those icons does nothing.

    Will try USB synch later (DM 4.3 worked flawlessly synching over Bluetooth).

  7. Will 4.5 work on Sprint’s 8130 ok? It is not listed on their downloads page yet either.

  8. Why is version 4.5 not listed on the main page at BlackBerry.com go download the Desktop Manager? http://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/desktop/

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