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BlackBerry MediaSync (iTunes Sync) Download Found On RIM’s Servers!

Nanu has been up to some investigative reporting and found the link to RIM’s MediaSync software we told you about previously. The MediaSync application seems to be a stand alone application that even works with the official BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5.

It seems like RIM is kindly hosting the file on Akamai’s Edgesuite servers for rapid deployment at this link:

You just install and sync. Nanu is reporting that it managed to sync 260 songs in around 10 minutes with all album artwork transferred and all songs/albums/artists stored and handled correctly by the BlackBerry!!!


Let us know what you think!

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  1. Hmmmm…. getting a “Please install iTunes” error, despite having iTune v 7.6.2 installed and in use.


  2. When I click the link it tells me that the File is not found.

  3. Yeah, file not found!

  4. I did not have an issue. Downloaded and installed just fine!

    I am a little dissapointed that I cannot copy over my purchased songs or videos (anything with protection on them..)

  5. Have this error aswell…

  6. The route of the Site seems to also have a issue. – same error.

    Even tried IE with the same results.

  7. Can someone reupload this to rapid?

  8. i downloaded it no problem…but is says to connect a BB…even though mine is already connected…and shows my pin uptop.

    i have tried to dissconnect then recconnect…but it won’t recognize my BB.

    any suggestions?


    This url above (for the moment) still works for the BB Media Sync, This site’s page below also has a working link (for right now)

  10.’s link worked for me (Backup link:-) as they say)

  11. Does anyone have a link for 8330 4.5?

  12. Guys… THANKS for uploaded the file to rapidshare!

  13. I’m not clear on how this works – I’ve installed the application and I can’t “find” it anywhere. So, my questions:

    1. Do I need Desktop 4.5 installed?
    2. When you say “just sync” – I take it mean via Desktop Manager?

    Any further details appreciated.

  14. I’ve been using media sync for a couple of weeks now, here are my thoughts….

    No problems installing and syncing with an 8320

    I have just used it for podcasts, it took about an hour to sync up 7gb of podcasts onto my 8gb microsd card. To resync takes about 3 mins.

    The points which could be improved…

    Media Sync doesn’t tell I tunes if you have played a podcast on your blackberry, therefore if you have auto delete after playing, that feature won’t work and you have to manually delete the podcasts that you have already listened to.

    The fast forward and reverse functionality on the player is useful if you know how far down a track you want to skip to in mins/secs, but it would also be useful if you had the ipod style functionality which plays micro snippets of the track as you skip forward/backwards so you can tell when a certain piece of a track has finished.

    Great to have the track pause functionality while you take a call, and also useful to have the speaker functionality if you forget your headphones.

    All in all, not having to carry my ipod around anymore is good when I’m walking the dog, but it would be good if mediasync told itunes which podcasts had been played.

  15. I installed media sync and it worked once, after that i get an error that says ” The connected Blackberry device required mass storage mode to be enabled manually, please do so from your device and click retry” mt media card is already set to enable mass media mode, i’ve tried setting it up manually like it asks but no luck… any suggestions?

    • I had the exact same problem and found the solution was to remove the battery and check the SIM and memory cards. I found my SIM card was loose (I had dropped it apparently) reseated it and tried again with success.

  16. I use doubleTwist to sync my Blackberry with my iTunes library. It’s free and it’s so easy I can’t go back to other software. It’s out on Mac now but PC is coming soon.

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