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ZapTXT Version 2 – RSS To Email, SMS, & IM

I know there are quite a few of these services but this latest from ZapTXT caught my eye when I found it mentioned on Mashable.


This new version lets your RSS feeds find you. If your logged into IM it will send you them as an IM. If your idle, away, or logged off you can get them by email. You can also have them abridged or only sent when there is a specific keyword. You can also set quiet times so it does not email or bother you at night.

Kind of a cool service for those people who just have to always have the latest news at the tip of their hands. Check it out at I am trying it now. If I like it I will report back.

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  1. Grammer check before you post, kid.

  2. Thanks for the FYI. I got to remember not to write anything at 1 AM

  3. I don’t know about you, Ronen, but reading the ZapText site is like playing a nice little game of b.s. bingo, no offense to ZapText. I think I’m pretty well-versed in business- and web-speak but sometimes I just want a company to just tell me what the product does in plain English. It almost makes the product sound like it’s a strictly b2b suite of products, which it likely is. Maybe I’m not rtfm’ing this site properly but where is that link to the ZapTXT RSS to email product?

  4. Hi Haephaestus.
    Thanks for the feedback about the marketing content on our site. We’d be happy to clarify our messaging but I want to make sure you are referring to and not We are the former.

    If you click on Get Started, you will see our email, IM and Mobile features. Im at sameer at zaptxt-inc dot com if I can help.

    Cheers, Sameer

  5. Hi Sameer, oh, this makes a world of difference! Ronen, can you fix this link in your write-up? seems to be a completely different animal. Thank you for the clarification, Sameer! I will take a look.


  6. Thanks for the heads up both haephaestus & Sameer. I fixed the link.

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