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You Can Send Files, Pictures, & Voice With RIM’s Google Talk Client?

When the hell did this happen? Did I miss a memo? I was messaging my wife tonight and all of a sudden noticed a new menu option in the RIM Google Talk Client. It was titled “Send Media.” I checked multiple times previously and it was never there before.


If you choose file it takes you to the browse file system. Practically the same for pictures thought it adds an option to take a picture from the camera. the problem is that when you take the picture it does not take you back to Google Talk. The last option lets you have walkie talky conversations by sending voice notes back and forth.


At the risk of sounding like an idiot am I the only one who never noticed this before? Please let me know if I am loosing my mind.


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  1. on my 8820 with i don’t have that option, google talk version is 2.0.46 🙁

  2. On my 8320 with 4.2.2 (need a newer build of 4.5) I don’t have this option either!! I downloaded GTalk from RIM today to make sure I had the latest. No luck with that feature!

  3. I have Gtalk 2.0.46 on a 8800 and I don’t have that either.

  4. I have this option in 8300 with os

  5. 8310 w/ 2.0.46 and working perfectly. Voice notes (.amr format) only work on os 4.5.

  6. I have a 8310 running OS and I do not have this feature.
    I just installed the Gtalk and it is not working…….

  7. I have this option, but had never noticed it before. Pretty neat. Now I gotta find someone to test it with later.

    I’m running the newest gtalk on Sprint’s network with App version, platform on an 8830. Don’t know if that makes a difference to anyone.

  8. Ron what version of G talk do have? Cuz mine isn’t showing this option.

  9. I’m using ver. 2.0.46

  10. Verizon 8830 running GTalk 2.0.46 and BB OS

    No option

  11. I am just glad to see it was not just me who had never seen it before!

  12. You can also send files with Yahoo Messenger as well.

  13. I have 8300 and gtalk 2.0.43.

    I have this option, I did however notice that I only get this option on some of my contacts and not on the others.

  14. I don’t have this option on My T-Mo 8320 with GTalk 2.0.46 and OS I seem to have the latest OS and GTalk version, yet I don’t have this option. Any explanation?

  15. The option to send file is only available for contacts that I know are using a Blackberry with Googletalk. the option is not in the menu for people that are signed onto google talk on a regular computer.

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