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VibAndRing – Finally Vibrate & Ring At The Same Time!

VibringI just got an email that VibAndRing slipped into the BerryReview store today. This should have been an option of BlackBerry’s for ages. For some like me it is nice to get the vibrations before the phone starts making a racket. On the other hand others find this ‘feature’ annoying.

So Fabian has come to the rescue again to solve one of RIM’s problems. For $7 (bit pricy) you can finally fix this much requested feature on your BlackBerry. It even lets you set how long it will vibrate in milliseconds.

Check it out in the BerryReview Store

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  1. This is just the first round. The versions to come can only get better. For some, a long awaited, must have app.

    edit…. “It even lets you set how long it should wait before it will vibrate in milliseconds”, should be…. “It even lets you set how long it will vibrate in milliseconds”.

  2. What is the world coming to that we now have to pay 7 dollars for something like this?!?! Is it THAT much of a pain to have ur bb vibrate a few times and THEN ring?! Whats the business plan for the company that made this? is this the only thing that they have, letting the entire companies future riding on this ONE application?! Pffffff…

  3. Conedude – I have just been hearing about this pet peeve for so long that I had to post the solution. Personally I think they would make a ton of money if they just charged 2$ or less for the app. Then quite a few more people would get it.

    RIM should have woken up themselves and offered this option ages ago…

  4. Hello.

    Is there a way to try this app before we buy? Although $7 is not much, it would be a good idea to try the product before purchase. Or maybe a video showing how it works.

    Thank you.

  5. Personally, I enjoy that my Blkbry vibes prior to ringing: I can usually catch the call/msg before announcing to the room that I’ve received a call/msg. Nice that someone has developed a workaround. Now if someone could only undo the Msg Dumping feature the 8830 comes with…

  6. Just purchased tried it and does not work only vibrates longer and only once. Don’t waster your money like I did tried it out.

  7. Ok Disreguard my last reply because with one email to the software maker, Fabian, I got it working properly and now it works great! One thing I don’t like is that it only vibrates once for as long as you set it to. He assures me he is working on an update to give it multiple spirts which I believe would only improve the software.

  8. i saw it offered for only 3 bucks at the other mod site for blackberries, the crackberry one for anyone that wants to pick it up a little cheaper

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