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Should Your Job Pay You To Answer Your Berry After Hours?

CnnpayforberryingNikolaus Walch sent me this great short video that he found on the front page of CNN. The video is a nice compilation of people answering whether they think they should be paid to answer their BlackBerry after hours. It is titled “BlackBerry users seek $$$.”

Not a revolutionary new idea but still pretty interesting. Check it out at this link

I wonder how you feel? Does your company pay you to be at their beck and call 24/7? Is it just expected? Or do they discourage it? Sound off…

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  1. It the U.S. we have a designation for workers that are entitled to overtime – employees are classified as either exempt or non-exempt. Exempt employees are typically managers or other workers who have a significant impact on daily operation of the company, non-exempt employees are usually line or production workers. Exempt employees are usually salaried and not entitled to overtime pay. They are expected to “do whatever it takes” to perform their jobs – including overtime, traveling, phone calls, email, etc. – all without additional pay. Non-exempt employees are entitled to pay for any work performed over and above the standard 40 hour work week. This includes working from home, answering emails, etc. This is regulated very strictly by the Department of Labor. Several years ago IBM faced lawsuits from Tech Support operators who were improperly classified as exempt and not paid overtime. IBM had to issue back pay and re-classify the jobs as non-exempt. Even though they now had to pay overtime, they cut salaries by 15% to make up the difference.

  2. Fox News has discussed this too:
    And people rightly pointed out that not only work encroaches on your private life, but your private life encroaches on your working hours too. Who doesn’t stop several times a day to answer mom or the wife on the phone, reply private e-mail, read something funny on the Internet or play Solitaire pretending to be working?
    I say if you don’t like being required at a few extra odd times, then maybe you should get another job.

  3. People need to learn how to separate work from life, and this so-called “problem” (that resurrects about as often as cell phone radiation causing brain tumors or BPA in plastic bottles causing cancer in infants) goes away. Come on people, NOTHING forces you to answer the emails or phone calls after hours. Use Blackberry profiles, create one for when you ARE available nad one for when you ARE NOT, and stick to it. ONLY YOU can put YOU back in control of your own life.

  4. “ONLY YOU can put YOU back in control of your own life.” DavidB. Perfectly said….
    I do get paid a premium extra on top of my salary to be ‘On-Call’ 24/7. It has an impact on every part of your life. From social events, your sleeping patterns and health. But at the end of the day, I’m the one who says ‘Yes’ to the pay packet at the weeks end…

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