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RoboForm Public Beta For BlackBerry Now Open

I know many lazy people use RoboForm on their PC’s to store their passwords. Well I just got an email from Patrick that they have released a Beta version 0.5 for BlackBerry that you can download at this link below. It is VERY limited for now but it has finally turned from vaporware (remember audible?) to an actual beta. Hopefully they will be working on this day and night…


Viewer Only, no Form Filler.
You can only view RoboForm data on Blackberry device, not edit it (data editing may be implemented later). Also RoboForm does not fill forms on Blackberry, its primary function is to view Passcards, Safenotes and Identities that you accumulated on desktop.

No Synchronization At This Time.
You can synchronize RoboForm on Blackberry with desktop by copying RoboForm data files to folder “\My RoboForm Data” on the device.
You can copy files manually or use GoodSync software to sync files with Blackberries that make their file system visible on the desktop.

Choose the type of RoboForm files that you want to view from menu:
– select Passcard (Star With Legs) to see the list of Passcards and Bookmarks,
– select Safenote (Note) button to see the list of Safenotes,
– select Identity (Person) button to see the list of Identities and Contacts.
– select All Files to see all RoboForm data files: Passcards, Bookmarks, Safenotes, Identities and Contacts.

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  1. The web form auto-filling aspect of RoboForm was never going to work on the BlackBerry. The APIs make it, like so many other cool things, impossible.

    On the desktop, I don’t know anybody that uses RoboForm. Pretty much everyone uses KeePass ( Free. Open Source. Better.

    And using a program to remember passwords for you isn’t lazy. When you have over 300 and you don’t want to use the same password for everything (increases your potential for loss if compromised in just one place) you’d be crazy not to use these sorts of programs AFAIK.

  2. It installed on 4.5 OS, but there is no icons. I guess we’ll wait and see

  3. Be careful of Omarra Byrd’s self-promoting web site above. The software to download contains malware Win32Adware-gen[Adw].

  4. Thanks for pointing that out Robert. Just spammed it

  5. I received an email similar to the aforementioned post by Robert Reid that I sent an email reply. As my response I will post that first email and my response here also. Here are the emails:

    “I ran across your site during the course of searching for RoboForm for BlackBerry. You had posted a comment here promoting your RoboForm Report. Out of curiosity I tried to download your free version of RoboForm which set off my anti virus alert. You should take the Adware trojan Win32Adware-gen out of your software. People don’t need that crap on their system, or your bogus RoboForm Report.


    The email was just as is shown here without a signature but his name is Robert Reid. Here is my response:

    “Dear Robert,

    I thank you for your email and the attention that you put into warning others on the blog that I posted to, my blog and anywhere else that you could post a warning about my site.

    Some may have taken this as a personal attack on them, I did not. There ARE instances where you can become a victim to someone hacking onto your server and setting up an iframe or even leaving some sort of adware on your domain.

    Even Google recognizes this. If that happens to you, they give you a malware warning but they tell you that they realise that it may be happening unbeknownst to you the site owner. I use the Google Webmaster Tools (see this reference:, so I would have been alerted right away.

    I’m sure that Google knows adware when they see it and you would have also saw a warning similar to this one in this example: ( Yet I still exercised some due diligence on my part by simply taking the following steps.

    I immediately began to run some internal checks to make sure that this was not the case. I carry many protections on my own hardware to make sure that my business computers are not affected since that can be a financial risk, to say the least.

    I use AVG 8.0, Zone Alarm, Ad Adware 2007 and SpyBot. I ran a check of the download by first downloading the exe. file to my desktop and then scanning it with AVG. No problems. Then I scanned my computer with all four softwares and once again there was no problems.

    I don’t know what you use on your computer but my software would have alerted me to any problems upon download and would have told me what the exact problem was right away. This did not happen.

    Many scam artists in this industry use adware on sites in an attempt to do mny things, all of them unethical. I do not practice business this way. Here are some sure signs that I am ethical in my busines practices:

    1. My picture and my name are in plain view on my site

    2. I am a legitimate business entity, verified by PayPal for two years now.

    3. My business address is also on my web site.

    4. My business phone# is also in plain site on my web site.

    None of these are the practices of someone who is knowingly distributing adware on a web site. It is normally a site that has none of the above. In most instances they are using free smiley’s, free ringtones or on any web page that carries no vendor information at all.

    With all of this being said, I still can not tell you why you are the first person to get this warning out of the 175 that have already downloaded my report and the software.

    As an act of good faith I am including my report with this email for you to read. If you believe that the software is adware then please DO NOT download it from the report, just utilize the content.

    I will be posting this email and my reply to my blog and the other blog that you posted on expressing your concerns that my software carries a trojan. I feel it is only right that my side of the story be told as well. I sincerely thank you for your concern and being a person of such deep ethics who deemed it ethical to warn others. In any instance…

    May All Your Ventures Be Met With Success,

    Omarra Byrd

    Mandatory Minimum Marketing, LLC
    P.O. Box 576
    Pottstown, PA 19464
    (610) 504-7495″

  6. Is it more or is there now link on the roboform site for the download? I’ve been looking for this. I hope they don’t use the goodsync for their final solution. I liked how the old palm and wm version had the sync built in.

  7. Interesting. I just tried to download roboform and also got an adware alert from Sophos virus detector

  8. I assume you are downloading it from, not from a third party site?

    I scanned it via Antivir and Norton Endpoint, both came clean. I use Roboform for several years and never received a virus warning.

  9. Grab from here. Thats the official site for the blackberry roboform.

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