MailSite – Another BES/Exchange Replacement Using Activesync

Josep sent me a link to a very interesting article on ISP-planet. It details a update to MailSite which is an Exchange replacement. The new update brings calendar and contacts sync to their Exchange replacement called MailSite Collaborator.

MailsitelogoThe software is actually a reverse engineered ActiveSync client for BlackBerry. Its a pretty interesting idea and makes you wonder why nobody thought of it earlier.

The software works with Outlook, Vista email, OSX, & Google and has some pretty impressive features. MailSite actually reverse engineered their Exchange replacement and activesync and incorporate support for it on the BlackBerry. Nothing near that of a BES but there is one area where it has RIM beat.


The price for MailSite is actually reasonable… They are talking about $49 a year retail and $36 year wholesale price per client for their service. That is way below the traditional $20/$10 average for BES.

I wonder if this will get RIM to lower their prices? (Highly doubt it…) The list of Exchange/BES runner-ups is getting longer…

You can find more info on their homepage

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  1. funny.. almost on the same moment that Notify Technology ( ) , the vendor of Notifylink , came up something very similar (and serverless), called NotifySync. As a first fast comparison learns me the new Notify product seems to be a bit better as NotifySync interfaces to all native apps on the device (AstraSync seems to be in the need of a separate emailbox). wonder if NotifySync price will go below 49/year. a pretty good chance I guess as they announced it somewhere on a blog as goin to be “super inexpensive” and their premium professional product Notifylink only has a price tag of about 80$ a year (on premise on your own server)…


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