BlackBerry Unite 1.01 Fixes Browser Issue

I know many people were having issues with Unite back in the day but one issue really stuck out. Many people would lose all of their browsers once they installed Unite and would not be able to browse the web. They would get IT Policy Denied errors.


Turns out that this latest version that we just mentioned yesterday fixes that issue! Thanks Nikolaus for spotting the change. You now will have both a Unite browser and the Internet browser option.

From Nikolaus’s comment:

Once you add a user, go under “Manage Services.” There for the 1st time you can choose which browser to use: BlackBerry Unite! or BlackBerry Internet Service. By default BlackBerry Unite! is the selection. With that on, I get the same IT Policy error whenever trying to view any webpage from my BB. However a quick flip of the radio button and a Save, I’ve selected BIS as my browser and suddenly I can use by BB Browser again. Unite! says that with the BB Unite! browser you get Web Site filters and logging, and not with BIS.

If your still interested it may be worth the download. If only somebody could find a way to hook in some Outlook sync…

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  1. WARNING!! I added my wife’s BB to my Unite! account and her BB Browser also stopped working. Even T-Mo’s T-Zones was gone. I had forgotten to ensure that Unite! Browser was not the default browser for her’s as well as mine. Makes sure to check at all uses linked to your Unite! have the default browser set to BIS, not Unite!!

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