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YouTube On OS 4.5 – How Did You Get It To Work

Mobile YouTube support has been in the feature list for OS 4.5 for quite awhile. The problem is that I have not managed to get it to work on my OS BlackBerry 8310. It keeps on giving me an error. While I don’t care all that much, I know many people who would love to show up their iPhone toting friends with YouTube.

YoutubelogobigMost people with OS 4.5 can just go to from their BlackBerry and it will work. I wouldn’t recommend this on EDGE but EVDO should be fine.

On the other hand, Willie sent me a tip over the weekend that he managed to get YouTube videos to play by changing emulator to Netscape, and with settings>security>TLS on proxy and changing trusted to “yes”. You still have to head to to get it to work.

So have you managed to get YouTube to work? Let us know what you did to get it to work…

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  1. My 8310 worked on youtube mobile from the first 4.5 os i’ve seen on here. I didn’t have to change anything. and, yes, it is a bit sluggish on edge, but it works now.

    My bb browser has been finicky though.

  2. I’m still trying to find 4.5 os so I can load it on my curve!

  3. I “think” its a Rogers issue. I got an error once that said if you want access to youtube you can do it via the rogers browser. I tried the settings above and it still doesn’t work. Not that I care too much 🙂

  4. I was able to view it on my curve 8320, before making these tweaks it would load like 10 seconds and thats it, after these tweaks I was able to view full videos on youtube and perfectly stream via edge 🙂

  5. “I wouldn’t recommend this on EDGE but EVDO should be fine.”
    You found a 4.5 OS for a EVDO Blackberry???

  6. nothing additional needed to be done after the upgrade of the OS. just access Youtube on your blackberry browser.

  7. Sorry I think this also works for OS 4.3. At least I heard that it does. Sorry I dont have every device to test this out. Thats why I put it out to all of you… Shared knowledge and all

  8. @ Connie, It would not play the full video although I had 4.5 OS the latest one.

    @ DavidB, There isnt a 4.5 for EVDO. Not to my knowledge at least.

  9. Thanx… worked great.

  10. I am using on a pearl 8100. I am still not able to get to stream. 3 have noticed a lot of folks getting the ‘unsupported format…’ Type of error. But all I get is a media player window with a blank screen.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    P l e a s e …

  11. I have an 8320. Just upgraded to OS 4.5, and every time I try a YouTube video I get the message: “An error has occurred attempting to play media.” This didn’t change that, unfortunately 🙁

  12. Tyler, this issue is fortunately not related to your code but to Youtube, I get this error and similar at my desktop regardless of Browser.this I can only believe comes down performance on the youtube side. I get around this eventually by repeatedly refreshing my browser.

  13. Youtube mobile was touch and go for me on OS 4.3. I kept getting the “unsupported format” error, and had to keep refreshing several times to get it to work.

    With it works just fine on my 8130.

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