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Now I know you just always wanted Disney on your BlackBerry… So when you wish upon a star…

DisneyheaderI was hanging out with my niece over the weekend and she was playing with my Curve. Turns out kids don’t like Brick Breaker all that much. First I tried doing Google image search for cute fuzzy animals, but that did not grab her attention. So I decided to search for Disney on Google mobile. I came across

It’s a nifty website that gives you info on Disney characters, movies, television shows, and much more. They even have some cool picture games that she really enjoyed. I did not have a chance to really peruse the site, but it looked pretty goofy from my Berry.

If you find yourself entertaining some younglings, it’s worth checking out

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  1. This was mentioned on BerryReview just a few months ago. It IS a great site for Disney and Parks info, especially if you will be vacationing there.

  2. Now that you reminded me we did mention something similar recently called
    Turns out it was forced to shutdown:

    But it was a completely different site

  3. Wow! I just read the letter Disney sent to PocketDisney. The site was so good I thought it was a Disney owned site. What a shame! I understand a Brand wanting to keep tight ownership, but they should have at least bought it since it was so good.

  4. Oh man and has a BlackBerry Launcher icon from your homescreen too! hehe

  5. yeah the bastards

  6. Hi,
    thats a great find, theres so many great .mobi sites i keep finding that load instantly on your mobile. is a good one or bank of america site
    Theres a big list here:

    Also try it coverts normal heavy pc sites into mobile ready for free.

  7. Disney also has their mobile site they’ve been promoting for High School Musical 2,

    Don’t know how many Blackberry visits it gets, but the kids seem to love it.

  8. is great – they also have for High School Musical. There are some other kids sites on .mobi, too, like, and there are some other ones being built as well.

  9. ye i love mobi websites they always seem to work perfect on my cellphone were can i learn more

  10. Very nice article regarding

    If anyone would like to know or learn more about .mobi, they can either go to where new .mobi sites are springing up on a daily basis and or you can check out on your BlackBerry to learn more.


  11. Amazing what you can get on your phone these days. These mobi sites also should keep connection costs low – big sites may not work on your phone and you still pay for the data transfer.

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