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RIM Adds Homescreen Shortcut For Washington Post

WashingtonpostmobileI know many people read the Washington Post so I thought I would mention that RIM has created a homescreen shortcut for their mobile website.

You can pick it up at this link from your Berry

This really makes me wonder why they still have not created a shortcut for their website… Or better yet just let us create our own damn shortcuts!

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  1. is it just me or are homescreen shortcuts stupid or what?!?! i mean hello create a mobile web page with all of your favorites/shortcuts OR just create a bookmark on your bb! wasting the homescreen is a waste of icon real estate and bb memory. not to mention, who has just a few favs? most people visit a ton of sites and don’t need a “DUMB” homescreen shortcut that has to completely re-launch the bb browser with each click of a shortcut!

  2. I personally like the homescreen shortcuts. I used to feel how Kyle feels that I’d rather just keep a Bookmark and save homescreen realestate and memory, but with so many bookmarks to scroll through for a few sites I check several times a day, the homescreen icons really help, and if it is a well designed icon, it just makes the whole homescreen look good.

    The icon for the Washington Post however is not attractive, and really could be re-designed. On that note, the BerryReview homescreen icon suffers from the same problem Maufait “had” in that the status bar disappears and the page doesn’t appear to load less you refresh the screen by hitting the Menu button. Maybe BerryReivew can fix that at some point.

  3. I totally agree with Kyle. Bookmarks and for the win!
    I’m still looking forward to the ability to “speed dial” a Web site instead of just phone numbers. Maybe in OS 6.0… 😕

  4. I have all these home screen icons for web sites that get blog mentions in a folder. I have that folder on my “top row”, so using Dimension Today+ theme that folder opens with a click and I can arrange them on the screen as suits me. IMHO, shortcut management within Blackberry Browser really blows.

    Just my $.02.

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