How The Berry Changed My Life

How my life changed…

Hey guys, I just wanted to write a quicky about How my Life changed with my baby… (I mean berry) Lol.

Basically it started 3 years ago, I worked for a service company and was responsible for the client email replies…. It was an average of 250-300 emails / day – litterally every 8 minutes!

My job required me to sit at the desk and answer questions – got paid $0.33/ reply. Not bad to make $100/day, but frustrating…. Grrrr.

One heckteck 683 email day, I had enough! I was ready to quit… To much load to handle…. But money was good. Then my collegue showed me his 7290…..
*** A Break Thru!!! ***
Now, emails are replied “on the fly” at my liesure. I get to spend time with my real baby!!! But she now gets frustrated that I’m on the BB too much…. Does it ever end?

Now I help set the world right at for all services and unlocking… Discount code – breview – for $5 off

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  1. who was your other job with…….just curious, also, do you work for bb review as well or just post…thanks

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