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Free Precision 9000 L Theme For 8100, 8300, & 8800

Peter let me know and Robbie reminded me that eVeek has released a slick new theme called Precision L. It is a Plazmic beta theme so they tend to have bugs. Peter totally admits this and it is not his fault. To help with some of the issues only devices using OS 4.3.1 or higher can install this slick theme.


eVeek usually does not do Plazmic beta themes since they have problems but due to high demand they have released this one. Just as an FYI eVeek put up the disclaimer: If you face any bugs, please do not be surprised! We are well aware of them all, but as for right now, there’s nothing that we can do.


Check out the announcement at this link or the download links below. You need to register to download:

8100 | 8300 | 8800

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  1. Okay two things this really suxx ass that I cant use it on my curve, also does anybody have 4.3 for their curve to share with me ? Stable also?

  2. The link is not comming up for the ota would you fix it please…… This is a great theme….

  3. I’ve been using the old Precision theme and I like it a lot. The only problem is the white fonts become invisible in a few applications. I noticed a couple of bugs in the theme, but no real show stopper. The L layout would be nice, but no 4.3 around here either. 🙁

  4. I like the L version of the Precision theme. Especially the dancin icons 🙂

  5. @Randy R. GSM version of 4.3 for the curve were NEVER stable, you should be looking for, may I suggest google..

    Nice theme, but all the links on here lead to the original Precision Zen as well, not an L based theme unless Peter pulled it already.

  6. Sorry guys Peter just let me know that he pulled it 🙁

  7. @Randy:
    Hard to suggest since we don’t know WHICH Curve or carrier you have! 😉

    Looky here:

  8. Link not to L theme. Please correct.

  9. What’s the deal with themes getting pulled all the time? Maybe Ronen should start conferring with authors before posting about them and trying to get some sort of assurance. Weird.

  10. I wish. The whole theme community has been throwing me a screwball recently. They keep on changing forums (which changes their links), removing themes, & yanking themes. Its difficult to keep on top of.

    Its not really their fault but it makes it hard to keep up 🙁

  11. Peter did the right thing…

    I applaud his efforts. It is a shame that a great looking theme like that cannot be downloaded…but a simple fix is all he has to make then he can re-upload the theme. Just be patient…atleast its FREE….

  12. What ya mean Steve like NOT making it with Plazmic 4.3 lol

    PS: Don’t blame the theme makers for themes getting pulled, it all leads back to RIM and Plazmic.

    People SHOULD read the article on DevBerry about themes and theme development…sums it up pretty good.

  13. Sorry guys this whole plazmic 4.3 on again off again thing is just getting to me.

    Bla1ze that article really hit a chord. Is what Neil says true? How about you Steve? RIM wont let you sell Plazmic 4.3 themes?

    Have they at least fixed any bugs in this half year long beta period?

  14. Dang, that article on devberry really hit home and answered a few questions. Too bad RIM doesn’t get their act together. Also, some of you might find this website ( quite useful. Enjoy!

  15. One really has to wonder just WHAT THE HELL IS RIM THINKING? Are they TRYING to let Apple wipe RIM totally out of the consumer market? Are they SO BLINDED by their carrier dependence (we all know RIM does not consider device user to be the customer, ONLY the carrier’s are their customer) that they can fail to see that driving away users leaves the door open to Apple and (dare I say it) WinMo 6.1? Do the upper echelon at RIM NOT SEE that their opportunity for sustained growth is the consumer market, and not see that consumers will have no interest in a device that so ties their hands? Geez, this is just so “tip of the iceberg stupid” that I could rant on for several pages, but I won’t.


    I’ve been a Blackberry “evangelist” since getting hooked about 2 years ago, but perhaps it’s really time I take a serious look elsewhere…and if RIM doesn’t fix things on the development side REAL DAMN SOON, I suspect I won’t be the only one making such a move…

  16. Well if the article is true…it hasn’t stopped Gadgetbean from offering themes made with the beta.

    I’ve made a few themes with the beta…they are REAL buggy and I will not release them..

    I’ve downloaded one from a guy who claims to be a theme king..and it crapped out my…my advise..stay away fromt eh Beta type themes (L Theme, bottom Zen or any other whacked out way the icons are arranged)..

    They may look cute and fantastic…but they will end up doing more harm than good. Stick with the Zen, Today and Icon until Plazmic releases an OFFICIAL version of CDK 4.3 (or 4.5…)

  17. So RIM does have a major Achilles heel after all. If Apple wants to overthrow RIM, this is it.

  18. sorry , but wheres the download link or OTA link??

  19. Those asking for the link please read comment #6.

  20. Dam Im really late on this forgot to check this thread out, IM MAD and yea I have T-mobile I upgraded to 4.5 latest and works really sweet.

  21. I can’t not find it out???

  22. Guys, just to clarify things:

    1. DevBerry Article is incorrect. I’ve spoke to many ppl including Plazmic product manager and RIM staff and whatever DevBerry wrote is not true. Good theory but its just a theory of a one guy.

    2. Themes are pulled off at times not because we want to tick u off. When RIM’s standing at yo door, sometimes, u just got to do it 🙂

  23. Did anyone download a copy of this theme? I can no longer find it and it’s exactly what I am looking for. Thanks – R8.

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