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Commercial iBerry 2.0 Theme For BlackBerry 8100, 8300, & 8800

Bplay has just released another slick theme called iBerry 2.0. The theme is a gorgeous ripoff of the iPhone with a nice and slick top bar and iPhone candy like custom icons. The theme is very refined with a gorgeous glow highlighting for each icon you select. If you like the iPhone style I would highly recommend this theme.


You can pick it up for $7.99 from


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  1. I like the themes Bplay offers, but my only issue is they only offer OTA downloads and you have to request a link. I realize people steal themes, music, movies pretty much anything they can since they have an entitlement attitude or if its on the net its free. Well I don’t I pay for everything I have and pay for any digital content. I just wish they would make their themes PIN required that would be easier.

  2. I don’t think it’s possible to make themes PIN required. There’s no security on them, so I’m sure bplay wants to give at least some protection to their themes like they do with their game activation codes.

  3. Yes, but if they are gonna be releasing themes that have the potential to go missing (*cough* Crossbar *cough*) they should come up with some other method, Crossbar was my favorite theme and sadly due to unforseen circumstances that theme got wiped from my device and is no longer available for me to download, but bPlay still has the cash I paid for it with no option to replace it.

  4. @Blaze: Im sure you could email them and ask for another download link.

    And can’t you just browse the files on your BB and get the theme information out manually?

  5. hey are all downloads pretty much ok for 4.5 unless specified? Anyone on 4.5 please give me feedback. I feel like I can’t download anything b/c I don’t want to screw up my phone.

    thank u!

  6. They should work fine on OS 4.5. No promises but I have not had an issue yet. The few that do will clearly state the issue.

  7. I’ve been using the iBerry 2.0 theme on my 8310 Curve. I love the theme, except for one issue. Dialog box input fields (i.e. Google Maps search entry) have white text on a white background, so you can’t see what you are typing. Is there a workaround to this issue?

  8. Excelente theme!!!

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