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Verizon Updates 8830 OS To Version

All of you CDMA users realize that Verizon and Sprint are the last to receive any OS update love. So it was nice when one of our readers, Paul, dropped me a tip that they have update their OS on 5/30/2008. The new features in the latest OS are miniscule but still nice to see:

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce new software enhancements for your BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition smartphone. The RIM® OS
v4.2.2.196 (Platform update includes the latest feature improvements for your device.
To ensure the best possible user experience, Verizon Wireless and Research In Motion encourage you to download and install the free update now.

The latest OS update:
• Improves location-based services (LBS) and VZ NavigatorSM
• Provides support for 2 GB and 8 GB microSD cards.
Displays Chinese carrier names with Chinese characters when
connected to a GSM network.

• Makes upgrading software on the device quicker and easier.
To download the software update, please visit

Thanks Paul!

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  1. “Improves location-based services (LBS)”
    Perhaps, but I guess only if you pay the $10/month extra for VZNavigator. Despite what “tim” has said in a couple other threads, no GPS capable software I’ve tried with this release is able to get a GPS fix. 🙁

  2. “Provides support for 2 GB and 8 GB microSD cards.”
    I wonder if that’s a typo? My 2GB microSD has worked with every Verizon software release for the 8830. Maybe they mean 4 and 8 GB? I don’t have either to try…

  3. Google mapa does. Just make suer that you have Locatiom ON under Settings > GPS

  4. Whole vz navigator and gps thing is an old argument. Some people keep brining this up as if it is some good argument. It’s like tv that doesn’t come with an antenna. TV gets lousy reception with the antenna , and gps function is no good without proper software. If you want to watch TV properly, need to get cable/satellite that requires monthly fee. If you want gps working properly, you need nz vav or telenav that require $10 fee monthly. Bb map isn’t a direction by direction navigation software. Lots of cheapskate think it is.

    People who complain about this $10 generally complain about lots of other things.

  5. This has nothing to do with VZNavigator really russell, this is ALL about a carrier disabling a capability the manufacturer installs. Think of it more like buying a car and the dealership gets to charge you extra (every month) if you want the windows to roll up and down. The manufacturer put working windows in the car but dealers charge extra if you want them to work? And perhaps you recall Verizon wanting extra to enable the bluetooth on handsets years ago? A class action lawsuit (which Verizon lost) resulted from that particular hardware disable.

    There is a whole world of GPS enabled software out there (just search here at Berryreview for GPS for abundant examples). BBMaps has it’s place, Google Maps has it’s place, VZNavigator has it’s place. I don’t personally need turn by turn navigation, could care less, my car does that. But there are a LOT of applications of GPS location (geotagging, golf course mapping, etc. etc. etc.) besides turn by turn navigation.

    Considering the generally friendly nature of Berryreview, calling someone a cheapskate because they think having to pay an extra $10 PER MONTH to a carrier for something the hardware has designed in is a bit inappropriate don’t you think?

  6. >> Bb map isn’t a direction by direction navigation software. Lots of cheapskate think it is. >>

    While I don’t believe in name calling either, this is an excellent point. BB Maps are just that Maps.

    David, your examples are gross generalizations and not the same thing at all. Even if you are right about the GPS (and I’m not conceding that) it’s no different from certain GMS carriers who “lock” their handsets.

  7. i m want yhis software.

  8. Why would you want such ancient software?

    Anyway if you really want it it it should still be on the site

  9. “Anyway if you really want it it it should still be on the site”

    I moved on to 4.5 so long ago it seems now, but I believe this is still the latest official release from Verizon so it should still be there. I believe they call it “MR3” (Maintenance Release 3).

    But yeah, WHY would you want this unless you are “back flashing” for Verizon support reasons? There are “official” 4.5’s from both Bell and Sprint for the 8830 that easily run on a Verizon 8830 and all the benefits of 4.5 (html email, working GPS in BBMaps, much cooler themes, better multimedia, etc.) can be yours!

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