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Latest BlackBerry OS Release 58 Found Online!!!

RIM has been doing a wonderful job with updating users with the latest OS 4.5 releases. The latest release I have found online is the latest OS Release 58.

I was just sent a link to the LATEST version OS for the 8100, 8110, 8120, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8800, & 8820. Sadly there is still no CDMA version of OS 4.5.

One of the places the files can be found are here UPDATE: The cats already out of the bag. Just search online and you will find the links all over the place.

This is probably ready for official release since Vodaphone has already officially released and Rogers is shipping out the 8120 with OS

Once again download these at your own RISK!!! T-Mobile UMA users might want to stay away from the 4.5 downloads since they had issues with the last release.

Thanks Birdie!

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  1. yeah, i’ve been trying all day to download from that link, but none of the links are working for free users.

    the capchka’s (sp) are nearly impossible, and if you do get it right it claims your browser doesn’t support java script – even if it is installed, enabled and tests fine on other sites. rapidown 5.9 can’t even download the files.

    i need a direct download link for the 8320 so i can see if uma is fixed. anyone?

  2. grr, and now rapidshare = 404

  3. I just got the 0238 (Backwards). All the links work.

  4. hey guys make sure when you are asked to type the security question or the symbols it says “only” type the symbols that are attached to the cat so there is one symbol or more that don’t have a cat attached to it thats why there is no room to type them all. I just figured that out.. but it time me out

  5. finally got it 🙂

  6. not sure why tis version 4.5 always do not have chinese input pinyin, that is the most common input, why ah? tis is why also i never able to use at my 8700 🙁

  7. Will you need to delete the vendor.xml file?

  8. aggghhh!
    is this a prank? they give u 6 OR 7 digits-all attached to cats BTW and only 4 fit in the box!! what gives??
    when u write em in order it says som about java script,
    if i try som else, wrong acces code…
    could someone pliz explain what im missing.

  9. 🙂

  10. upgraded from .37. OMG my poor old 8300 is running faster.
    thank you.

    zakz: some are cats, some are dogs

  11. RS says that IE and Firefox don’t have java installed (which they are). Does anyone have a fix for this? It is kind of annoying.

  12. ……… Real Jamaican.. it was quite difficult to see the different cat from dog…. however i manage to get pull it of….. this OS i hope performs a whole lot stabler than as i like it allot… i only suffer from memory leaks…..

    BerryReview ROCKS!

  13. How long should it take fo the reinitiation (reboot) after the software loads, and just before the “restore device data” step??? Mine has been running with the hour glass for over 15 minutes so far

  14. It takes about 30 minutes to come up after it loads the software. Pain that RIM should fix 🙂

    Are these the links your having Cat and Dog problems with?

  15. Thanks….. i was getting worried about the reboot. Looks like it’s trying to restart now…. hour glass has disappeared.

  16. anyone missing the new fonts on after upgrading to .42. I dont have the newer fonts anymore

  17. This one is as stable as ever. Everything seems to work flawlessly including UMA and the browser cursor and all of my apps. And its running very smooth and quickly

  18. does rim release what the revisions for these new versions are?

  19. just got it installed on my curve, works really well so far, I went through and took out some stuff I knew I wasn’t going to use like the VAD and all the IM stuff, I messed up the first time and it couldn’t boot so I had to redo everything, UMA works and it seems to be faster than the .37 that I was using yesterday!

  20. I only got one link and that is rapidshare. does not install properly on my laptop and cant re-download using free version. any other links out there? thanks

  21. hey i downloaded the new version for my 8320 and installed it but when i run the desktop manager it doesnt show that the new version is installed how do i fix this because im not abe to install 4.5 at all its like it doesnt recognize it

  22. ej: rename C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\vendor.xml to something else. then try restarting blackberry desktop manager.

    speaking of blackberry desktop manager… where the hell is 4.5 bundle 18? 4.5.14 is slow as shit! 🙂


  23. I have heard that 4.5 enables bluetooth for listening to the media player, but I can’t find any way to do this. Am I missing something?

  24. As for the Rapidshare links yea their verification system is retarded lol but I have been using it for a long time, so I never have a problem.

    If firefox is having a problem use Internet Explorer as usual.

    Btw does anybody who has Tmobile used the upgrade did it wipe out the sim card or anything, before I decide to try it.

  25. I have successfully downloaded and installed 4.5 on my PC. Now, how do I get the new OS 4.5 on my 8820?

  26. Damn it!! Link no worky. Why why why?

  27. Ok thanks ill try renaming vendor.xml. But do I need to be running desktop manager 4.5. If so where can I get it

  28. ej: nah, any version of dm will work.

    anyone found dm 4.5.18?

  29. God I LOVE this site!! THANK YOU!!!

    Anyone notice some things are starting to work this week that weren’t last week? GPS refresh is now working for me with the last leaked release. It was not last week. CRAZY!!

  30. I was reading this site to see in what ways my blackberry might be enhanced thru different means of software and I saw that the much read about (by me) OS 4.5 was able to be downloaded with an update that fixed previous issues. I was now ready to give it a shot. Although I saw the beta up a month or so ago for download I thought it was to fresh to the web for my liking, I must research and see how others have faired first so now I’m returning the favor.

    Having downloaded and sucessfully installing the 4.5 update on the 1st try following the instructions posted on this site, I have but one word SWEET! I have a T-Mobile 8320 and from the overall fonts on the device which makes for enhanced viewing when editing a office Doc in the eofffice app I have installed on my device. Oh yeah all programs ported over run with no problem, the device reseted itself after watching a you-tube flick but so far so good. you-tube is sweet on a curve, even if with the slow edge.

    Messaging looks better, Browser is more refined and faster loading and rendering pictures, video recording also sweet, no complaints.

  31. Just great! Went to rapidshare to download OS 4.5 and it comes up with an error! Says it may contain illegal content and has been blocked!!! Dam!

  32. Back to the drawing board. I found a copy of 8310 but need the 8320 version. Hopefully someone will repost it.

  33. So will any of these work with a Blackberry 8830?

  34. Help need link that isn’t rs…rs is error…thx

  35. Darn, rs link blocked. Not having much luck Google’in other sites. Anyone have a suggestion where I can find the latest version for 8800…. thx

  36. Found Please share!!! All I come across are taken down and I am running .37 on a Tmobile phone and it keeps frying the sim card. I am told I can fix this if I get .42. PLEASE HELP ME! I set it to email me if anyone else replies to this!

  37. that sux. dm 4.5.18? 🙂

  38. GOOGLE + blackberryfree =

  39. I originally had the on my BB 8320(T-Mobile) and it ran smooth at first, then it fried my sim card. After getting a new sim card, It ran smooth again for about a day or 2. Then My phone just began to reset over and over again. I put os 4.2 back on my 8320 and it wa fine. Then I tried this new beta and the same thing. My 8320 was fine for about 20 minutes and then began to reset over and over and over and over. I had to reinstall 4.2 again. If anyone knows of any issues with this happening on the 8320, please let me know. I’m just wondering if Its just my phone or perhaps a setting that i can change.

  40. It sucks to go from 4.5 back to 4.2……..Having all those wonderful features and then being shot back down to earth again 🙁 So sad!

  41. hey lance do you have a media card in your blackberry 8320?

  42. Hey, Q, got any ideas? i Bricked the phone and reverted to 4.2 as lance did. I was kinda shocked. But it’s better to have working 4.2 than bricked 4.5)

  43. Hey guys – wanted to address a couple of people. First, to anyone looking for .42 I was succesfull using a torrent dl. I would check into that. N/A on all other links and most link to rapidshare.

    Lance G – I had the same issues with the same phone on the same provider. 8320/Tmo… .37 fried two sim cards and then I upgraded to .42. I did NOT have sim issues on .42. This is after only 2 days though. So far so good.

    Q – as far as sd cards, .37 and .42 support my 8gb microsdhc (high capacity) card. Make sure to take any sd cards out while upgrading OS’s. Here is a description of what sizes are supported by what OS….

    4.2.0 = Up to 2GB
    4.2.1 = Up to 4GB
    4.2.2 = Up to 4GB
    4.3.0 = Up to 8GB
    4.5 = not listed, but I can confirm at least 8gb support
    new BB Bold shipping w/ 4.6 OS will support 16gb

    Also, for those of you who haven’t stopped by crackberry or pinstack, they have great forums and lots of people with expert advice!

  44. I was wondering is everyone having the same problem of memory leaking since upgrading to v4.5.0.42 ?

  45. no problems here except very rare radio problems – but simply turning it off then back on corrects it. anyone found .44? :p

  46. when upgrading these devices you must wipe it clean from the old software, go to start on your computer, go to RUN, do the following: type cd\ enter, javaloader hit enter, then type javaloader (space) -u ( space) wipe hit enter, if you have a password it will ask input it and hit enter this will wipe your handheld clean, dont forget to remove sim card and memory card, you will see code 502 on your handheld, and dont forget to delete vendor for apploader, after you turn on desktop not before, this will make your upgrade work flawlessly, any other questions you may reach me at [email protected]

  47. “It sucks to go from 4.5 back to 4.2……..Having all those wonderful features and then being shot back down to earth again”

    Your kidding right?
    Just did the official upgrade to 4.5 and can’t wait to go back to 4.2
    Such a broken mess.

  48. I believe 4.5 is wonderful, cuz it adds video for curves and HTML mail for all the BBs, it’s smooth enough to have a right to exist.

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