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RIM Now Offering BES S/MIME Support For Free

Now I can’t say why RIM tried charging for S/MIME in the first place. (Greedy?) I just got an email from one of our readers, Nick, that RIM has stopped charging for S/MIME support for BlackBerry. This should have been something RIM should offered originally as part of BES and has now learned its lesson. Hopefully their PGP solution will also follow as a free addon.


The sad part is that S/MIME support is still lacking for BIS users who are left out in the cold. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t know many end users who even know what S/MIME means. (In case you don’t or have never gotten a smime.p7m attachment on your BlackBerry)

You can pick up the free S/MIME CAL’s at this link. If you happen to have paid for them sadly it seems like your screwed. (I would give your reseller a good talking to)

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  1. I had noticed that the S\MIME Package v4.5 was included with beta OS 4.5, and installed by default (for me). The package available at your link is v4.1. I have a screen shot, if you want it.

    I also have the PGP Support pack V4.1, so not sure if that influenced anything, but I suspect not.

    As far as RIM giving PGP away in the future, I have no clue. I will tell you what I do know, though. There is no PGP Support Pack included with any release of OS 4.5 (that I’ve come across). Last I checked, the PGP package had a minimum 10 user, ~$2K admission price; and was sold exclusively through PGP Corp. All the documentation I found listed PGP Universal Server ($$$) as a requirement; but I dug deep, and found out that it is not. Without a PGP Universal Server, you will need PGP Desktop Email ($), and you have to use a little Voodoo to get your personal keys into the blackberry, but other than that, it works like a charm.

  2. Wow that is pretty cool Steve. How did you manage to get it to work exactly??? I am sure others would be interested. If you write it up I will definitely publish it.

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