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NotifyLink – Another BES Wannabe Replacement

NotifylinkclientJosep just sent me a link to a piece of software that I had never heard of before. Notify is a enterprise mobility company that touts sync capabilities with just about every smartphone and practically EVERY mail/PIM server I can think of. Just to give you an idea it supports Communigate, Exchange, FirstClass, GroupWise, Kerio, Zimbra and quite a few more. They also support Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, & Symbian devices for mobile sync.

This seems to be an enterprise only solution but they just released a new sync client for BlackBerry. Might be worth a look if you really don’t like BES.

Otherwise it was just another company trying to recreate a BES. I wonder if any of our readers use this? If you are you would be happy to know that they just released a new version 4.6 of their BlackBerry client with quite a few new features.

I really need to sit down and demo PostPath and NotifyLink one day. I cant imagine that they match up to RIM’s BES but maybe they fill the gap between BIS and BES.

Check it out at this link

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  1. PostPath is an Exchange alternative. BES and Outlook work with it the same way as they do with Exchange because it communicates using the same protocols. It is a native replacement of Exchange.
    It also works with ActiveSync devices and does not require NotifyLink or any other plug-in or middle-ware.
    There is a free trial and it works/co-exists with your Exchange without disruption and you can migrate user to and from it.

  2. Your 100% correct Max. I still want to check both of them out…

  3. Just to be up front…I’m an Enterprise Sales Manager for Notify Technology handling sales for Canada and EMEA.

    As you indicated Ronen, NotifyLink is a wireless mobility solution for just about every mail/collaboration platform you can think of with one notable exception…Lotus Notes.

    We are a fully authorized RIM partner and enjoy there support for the development of a solution to link a BlackBerry to all the other systems for which they do not have a BES.

    BES is the number one ENTERPRISE mobility solution in the world for good reason. It’s rock solid and it works. NotifyLink fills that same place in the market for all the other platforms. And additionally offers an On-Demand hosted solution for users of all these platforms.

    Just like most organizations that like to let their product do the talking, anyone is welcome to a free trial of either our Enterprise addition installed on location or our On-Demand hosted service.

    Check us out and contact me if you have any questions or I can help in anyway.

  4. Another point what sets NLES apart from BES is their support for all client hardware. When Jack wants a BB and when Joe wants a Palm (or in a few months an iPhone for Billy) NLES is the only full featured enterprise solution …

  5. I am one of the “lucky” IT guys that has to try and find a solution that integrates the BlackBerry and the Treo with First Class. BES doesn’t work with First Class. RIM won’t talk to us unless we use Exchange (not affordable for a school board) and the only client side software we’ve found so far from Nexthaus is not performing as advertised. Being in the 0.1% of businesses using something other than Exchange means I need a solution like Notify offers. Haven’t tried it yet but I’m eagerly awaiting the demo from their rep. Hopefully this will be our “BES” like solution for First Class.

  6. @ Sean
    Notifylink is a very nice app. and as far as I know the only full function solution for FirstClass … and theyhave GREAT support!


  7. Jean-Claude,
    Thanks for the info. I’m desperate to find a solution as the Nexthaus software is not reliable and I NEED a stable sync solution for the BB. Better yet if that solution works with our existing Palm devices too! Good to hear about the support side as well.

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