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YouMail – Launches New Smartphone Interface

YoumailblackberryinterfaceYouMail has been doing visual voicemail for a bit now competing with PhoneTag/SimulScribe. The service works well but they just released a BlackBerry interface to compete with the SimulSays BlackBerry client.

According to Kristen on Mashable the new service lets you access your voicemails from your browser on your BlackBerry or smartphone.

Check it out by going to from your Berry and login.

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  1. LoL I cant keep up with all this news, as for the youmail I just signed up for it, I think its fun and cool. Having alot of fun with peoples names. But its annoying that it cant recognize foreign names. To much work in having to submit names.

  2. I have been using YouMail for about two months now, and really like it. The best features are receiving the voicemail sent to my BB as an e-mail. I can read the voicemail (their software isn’t super, but it is very fast, and I can get the gist of what was said which is usually good enough), and I can also listen to the voicemail from my phone as a .wav attached to the e-mail. It is a limitation of RIM OS 4.2 that you can’t play an .mp3 as an e-mail attachment, but I’ve never had any size issues with the .wav files I receive. If I ever want to listen to it again, I just go online from PC or BB. You have to set up Call Forwarding which is not a problem.

  3. I guess it takes some time to get use to

  4. Two other things I forgot to mention is the following: 1) You don’t waist any airtime minutes going to your voicemail, since you’ve already received it as an e-mail + .wav file. 2) If you want to share a voicemail you got just fwd that e-mail. For example. My wife was out of the country over her birthday. Family called me to wish her Happy Birthday. Those that went to voicemail I just e-mailed to her and she could listen to them easily.

    P.S. The library of greetings you can choose from is worth it alone. The 911 has been changed, and your fingers are too fat, are hilarious.

  5. Unfortunately after signing up, it informs me that Sprint charges 20 cents/min for forwarded calls and also doesn’t allow unheard messages to be forwarded as well. Boo 🙁

  6. That is why I switched from Sprint to T-Mo (not the only reason by far). T-Mo plans include 500 fwd minutes per month, and I doubt I’ll go over that on voicemails alone.

  7. That’s weird. I use call forwarding on at&t with phonetag/simulscribe and I have yet to be billed for forwarding…

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