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SkyDeck Beta – Turn Your Phone Bill Into A Social Network App

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have signed up for in recent days. I read about SkyDeck on TechCrunch and had to try it.

In a snapshot from their website:

Skydeck turns your phone bill into a map of your relationships with friends, colleagues, and customers – your true social network. We show you who called you, whom you need to call, and who never calls back. And since we also keep track of how much you’re spending, you’ll never get a surprise bill again.

The software is currently in Beta but I signed up and got an invite within a day.


The interesting part of this whole social networking angle is that you can plug it into Facebook and such and show the strength of your connections to each friend and their connections to other people. The measurement is made by how often and how long you talk to a person. It even checks who initiated the call.  You then get shown your relationship strength in bars kind of like the AT&T logo.

Pretty cool stuff. I just like how easy it makes to read my AT&T bill.

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  1. Todays like signup day for me, Im signing up for this to give it a try. Looks really interesting.

  2. Looks interestting to me as well,although I’m always worried about what they are gonna do with my data, that’s a lot of numbers and contacts to be collecting from people

  3. With todays ever growing technology, if somebody ever really wanted somebody’s number getting it wouldn’t be hard lol.

  4. So Ronen…is it “ridiculous”, or “Pretty cool”?

    I mean, it sounds interesting and all, but if the social networking aspects only work via Facebook, I can’t imagine how useful it would be? I guess if all your contacts are on Facebook too, and they all sign up and use this, but if only 1 isn’t on Facebook or decides they dont want Facebook having this level of information about them, seems the utility goes down the toilet almost immediately.

  5. I just tried to sign up for this but it appears anyone who signs up from now on will be placed on a waiting list because they’ve reached their maximum number of beta testers. 🙁

  6. David it is both. I would never use such a service but I signed up for curiosity. I just cant help myself some times. Its like when I signed up for Yodlee… Ill mention that next 🙂

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