Wizi Beta – Location Sharing & Free Traffic Application

Wizi does not seem to be new but it looks really interesting. Location sharing and proximity alerting applications seem to be all the rage these days. The application lets you share your location and avoid traffic with real time traffic alerts.

WizibetafrontpageI can just imagine the uses ranging from knowing where your kids are to when your friends will be joining you at the bar. The main problem with such services is that they need more users to be relevant. On the other hand they wont get users unless they already have friends on the service. Catch 22…

Well I wish Wizi luck. You can download the BlackBerry client application after you register at www.wizi.com or you can pick it up directly from www.download.wizi.com/bb/. Let us know what you think!

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  1. I use it too. One of the nice things is that I don’t need my friends to be on Wizi. When I turn it on, my wife and family can see where I am from any web browser, even mobile.

    When I’m returning from a long trip, my wife doesn’t have to call me anymore to find out if I’ve left yet, or how long it will be until I arrrive – she can just check the map.

    When I go to pick up take-out, and stop for beer, then stop at the grocery, she doesn’t call me anymore to find out when I’ll be back. She can just see it on the screen. Or my family can see when we’ve finally loaded all the kids in the car and are on our way over for Sunday dinner. It’s cool.

  2. This is a cool application!
    I use it with my husband in similar cenarios and with some friends when we go out.
    Actually, my mother in law stop phone me when the time pick up my baby girl is near! She goes to the website, see where I am, and don’t phone me to ask always the same question: “Are you late?!”
    My quality of life in the end of a stress day, improved!!

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