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gCalc – Version 0.6 Released – Free Graphing Calculator

We have mentioned gCalc a few times before and Luc did a review of it recently. gWhiz the developers of gCalc have just announced on PinStack that they have released a new version with some serious new features. Check them out below:


1) Graph-on-demand. gCalc can be used as a graphing calculator or just for plain old number crunching. This latest version of gCalc only shows the graph if a graphing expression (e.g. y=foo(x)) is submitted.
2) Number conversions – Now you can use gCalc for all kinds of numeric conversions, temperature, weights, lengths, etc – you can even load your own!
3) Email expression history. Did you ever do a bunch of expressions on a calculator and wish you could save it? Well, now you can email your work to yourself or whoever you think needs to see it. (disclaimer: *cough*, gWhiz LLC. does not encourage emailing your calculations to people you don’t know).
4) Incremental Expressions. Just typing in the operator and value and submitting will operate on the last computed number.
5) Fast startup – no more waiting for our logo to go away
6) “Classic” screen mode For those offended by the color blue

You can download the latest OTA gWhiz at this link. The desktop install is also available at this link. Note that the install will also include gWhiz’s free “gFlash+” and “gRef” applications.

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  1. Your OTA link is not working.

  2. Thanks Gary. Link is updated

  3. Good program except for one fatal flaw that makes it unusable. It tries to divide by zero. ie: It can't graph y = 1/x for example since it tries to divide 1 by 0 when x = 0 and gives an error before it draws the graph. How could they have missed this? Any 13 year BASIC programmer knows to avoid divide-by-zero errors.

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