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RIM Takes Down OS Beta From Partners Website

In a surprising move RIM has decided to take down the OS from their partners website at I wonder what prompted that?


Personally I think that RIM is always focusing on the cup half empty. This is the wrong approach. They should promote public beta testing to allow them to fix more of their bugs before they release the software. The people who install these OS Beta’s are serious BlackBerry users who would be glad to provide RIM with some insight and feedback. Instead of offering this to them and listening to their feedback they just snub their noses at them.

What does RIM have to lose? It is not like they charge for the updated OS? The only harm I can see is for the carrier who has to support a buggy OS. On the other hand they could solve that problem exactly the same way Microsoft does. They just have to say that this beta is unsupported. If you are having trouble please downgrade.

If even the bureaucratic Microsoft can see the benefits of a public beta why is RIM so close minded? Anybody have any ideas?

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  1. is it because on installing the os on a TMobile handset it was killing the sim card. I have 4 cases (one is it was twice to the same person) that this has happened.

  2. Wait a minute. When did Microsoft ever become a model to anyone who wants to be serious? Of all companies in the world, you chose Microsoft to make a comparison?
    No, I’m not in favor of betas. We pay dearly for these devices and service. I don’t think we should work for RIM for free. RIM has been very competent, so just let them do their job and let us know when it’s ready. And we, we already do a lot paying for their products and services and doing so much Blackberry advocacy wherever we go.

  3. Wether anyone likes it or not, anyone who installs the BETA OS’s is in-voluntarily helping RIM out…thanks to their tracking application quincy lol look back at the old 4.3 BETA’s once you installed it and booted up your device, you sent RIM your SIM card #, IMEI and PIN…unless of course you edit the BlackBerry.alx file and removed all the associated .cod files from the application loader.

  4. “Wait a minute. When did Microsoft ever become a model to anyone who wants to be serious? Of all companies in the world, you chose Microsoft to make a comparison?”

    ^^That was hilarious. I love beta’s but at the same time agree with the fact we payed money for our devices and service etc, but there has to be some group of people to test out these things that how the world works. We all know RIM is watching every post, which would be scary, but would only benefit them in the future.

  5. Luciano: If there are no betas, then customers will complain about bugs that we didn’t catch; as we’ve seen in previous OS’s. Microsoft does do a good job in Betas and makes it a huge thing – their Vista beta, people who submitted at least one bug received a copy of Vista Ultimate for free. Beta’s are good because us developer’s can’t always imagine the ways that someone might use the software, and can’t push the device in that way. Test units and cases can only test certain aspects. Similar to drug testing, invivo vs invitro.

    And there’s a choice whether to test the beta or not, it’s not being forced on anyone. I would chose a beta-tested release, versus one that’s just been tested by the company. Again, developers know their software in and out, it’s through public testing things can be made easier or corrected.

  6. I totally see your point, Nabeel, but I don’t think public beta testing is really “easier” as much as it is *cheaper*. I would never do public beta testing if I had my own company. I think the right way to do this is have the developers do the testing or *hire professional testers*, but some companies don’t want to pay. I, for one, am not a professional tester but I am great at breaking stuff and finding flaws. I know at least a couple of people who are sure to break whatever you let them have access to. Like magic. And no, they are not fools or technology-challenged. That kind of talent should be tapped. That’s how cars and airplanes are made. Some people are good at building, others are good at using and pushing limits. But too many people are willing to work for free and that’s great for the quarter’s bottom line. That’s mooching. I find that very, very unelegant for a big company like Google, Microsoft or RIM.

  7. Have to disagree with you Luciano. These “leaked” betas are great, and customers, RIM, and 3rd party’s can learn a lot from them. And a more stable product can result.

  8. It’s not cheaper or easier to have a beta program. It’s probably more expensive, and requires a lot of coordination. I’m a PM and a developer, and I’m sure many developers would agree, you want as many eyes as possible looking over your software, especially from the users. It doesn’t happen because it’s cheaper, it’s because we want the users and a new set of eyes looking at the software, asking questions like “Is this useable, could this interface use enhancement?”; to someone who works with it everyday, it’s very very easy to overlook things.

    It’s not mooching, it’s a voluntary program, and you mentioned cars – there are many consumer focus groups, and manufactures do want your say, and you’re not paid. Of course, software is different, and because of the easy nature of just downloading and installing something gives the opportunity, which makes it awesome that a company would do it. I work for a university, and we have volunteer groups and do beta testing for select people who volunteer to, so we are sure that the customer gets what they want.

  9. personally, i have had a lot of support tickets for with 4.5 OS issue. The app wouldn’t open. I have test many aps that won’t open on 4.5 OS. I hope if they backed out, there are serious issues. Because innovation won’t stop. They will come up with something better.Plus they need to combat iphones

  10. Still looks to be there….

  11. I put on my Curve. Will vouch for the SIM problem. The video functionality was great, overall the O/S is good, there are a few problems with the native browser and UMA

  12. From a previous 4.5 version to an upgrade of this version, even a Nuke and Fresh Reload of this Version I am not seeing that there is any issue with the SIM or accessing it, Info it shows via Sim Card is normal…Is this specific to Carrier? What is the actual issue experienced?

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