Neil Answers – Why BlackBerry software Costs So Much

One of the main issues with the BlackBerry platform has always been the lack of free and inexpensive 3rd party software. Even the most trivial applications are $10–$20. Other than Viigo and a select few other applications there are very few free services available to the BlackBerry user.

ColdhardcashComparatively many BlackBerry users have come from the Symbian, Windows Mobile, & Palm OS where there is a plethora of free and cheap applications for the picking.

So this begs the question why is the BlackBerry so different?

Turns out Neil of the developer of BBsmart has an answer on I am curious to see what all of you think? Why do you think there is such a limited number of quality BlackBerry applications?

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  1. Reflecting on the article I read, that is so true. The market is not there for blackberry apps and there isn’t a strong based group who are dedicated to making apps. Also RIM has released a easier SDK or coding system to make things easier as would be for Apple and Google, sorry to say but when the Iphone2 and Android comes out RIM might have a run for its money, but that’s just my opinion.

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