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XfitscreenshotsI never thought I would promote the idea of using your BlackBerry to stay in shape but I just found this new application called xFit. It has a database of 50 exercises that do not require any equipment so you can truly learn how to workout anywhere. I am actually about to grab a copy and check it out for myself tonight.

There is a trial but it is a little hard to find. Personally I found that you can just go to the link below from your BlackBerry to install the trial OTA or using one of the options on this page.

If you like it you can pick it up from the BerryReview store for $19.95 which is cheaper than the $24.95 that they are asking for on their website.

From the product description:

Do you want a better, easier way to get fit and stay in shape?

Perhaps you just can’t find the time to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule; or you simply lack the motivation. But the fact remains that you must exercise not only to look better but also to feel better – by leading a healthy lifestyle.

What if you could lose weight, gain strength and feel great without going to the gym? What if you had everything you needed for a complete workout, whether you’re at home, at work, on the road or on vacation? What if it cost less than a month’s gym membership? What if we gave you a free trial version and a 90 day money back guarantee? What if we told you that you already carry the device for this tool just about everywhere you go? You would have to check it out, wouldn’t you?

There are many options when it comes to staying fit: paying for gym memberships, hiring personal trainers, and spending money on exercise equipment. But are these options necessarily the best solutions to leading a healthy lifestyle?

We at mobileXware make getting in shape and staying fit simple and convenient. That’s why we offer you xFit, a full-body workout on your mobile device consisting of 50 exercises that require no weights or special equipment (so you can do it anywhere!).

How does it work? Simply install xFit on your mobile, shuffle the exercise slides and you’re well on your way to getting fit and staying fit: with xFit.


  • 50 unique exercise slides
  • Total-body workout
  • Strengthening and aerobic exercises – so you gain strength and lose weight
  • No weights or equipment required – so you can do it anywhere
  • Keeps track of where you left off – so you exit and come back to the same exercise
  • Targets four Body Regions: Upper, Lower, Middle and Full
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of intensity
  • Easy-to-understand image and instructions for each exercise
  • Shuffle exercises to mix up your workout routine
  • Sort exercises by Body Region or by Title
  • Additional stretching exercises included
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  1. Hello,

    I am one of the creators of xFit from mobileXware. Yes, you can download the file directly as mentioned above but you can find out more by visiting our site at

    As for the price… simply send us a message at
    and we can give you a discount that will beat their price.

    Healthy regards,

  2. I love xFit. No matter where I am, I have my phone to kick some tunes while I go through an xFit workout. It definitely fits in with my busy schedule.

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