RIM Growing A Backbone – Why Did It Take So Long?

SpinegrowingThanks to Raffy for sending this one in. RIM is finally holding its own against the requests from India’s government. They have answered that they do not have the technology (and should not) to decrypt and spy on their users emails.

From the coverage by the WSJ’s Livemint.com:

“The Blackberry security architecture for enterprise customers is purposefully designed to exclude the capability for RIM or any third party to read encrypted information under any circumstances,” the company said in a statement.

I personally thought that this whole fiasco should have ended at day 1. RIM should have just made the same statement and said sorry guys no-can-do. Did they really think it would be a good idea to set a precedent for monitoring the BlackBerry email network? That would compromise the whole security not to mention the reputation of the BlackBerry infrastructure as a whole.

So RIM, I have to ask. What took so long?

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  1. Great news. Not sure I BELIEVE them (black helicopters are my friend), but concur that’s what they should have said right off.
    Raises the question though, why did RIM cave to China but not India? And how far has RIM caved to the USA or Canada infosec types???

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