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OS Download Links For 8100, 8300, 8700, & 8800 Series!!!

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  1. ron u and these birdies are doing a good job thanks for da hook up…now i can update my to

  2. RIM ninjas to attack BerryReview in 5…4..3…2…lol!!

  3. Us cdma users are always late to get the good stuff! 🙁

    Where be the 8130 release? I want it I want it!

  4. my 8100 says thanks 🙂

  5. download is EXTREMELY slow…. is this normal?

  6. if you install it and it reboots and crashes with a white screen
    and black line across the top, then yank the battery, put back in,
    run the updater again just english language and NOTHING ELSE.

    after the reboot you will wait the usual 30 min while the files expand,
    install docs to go after this. seems to work for me.


  7. I can’t seem to get the download. Have tried several different servers. Very slow download until about 500-700K, then hangs up.

  8. Download for the 8800 works perfekt. Will try the installation later. Firts I will do a backup…. you never know.

  9. 8800 is the download I’m trying…. will just keep after it i guess.

  10. i’m attempting download using the “free” download service…. do I have to use the premium service? Have tried about 6 times, sill goes very slow… then hangs around 600KB

  11. Worked on the 8800 (ATT). Install took 52 minutes.

  12. I downloaded the software for Pearl 8100. I ran the program from my desktop. It went through all the steps and then prompted me to open desktop manager. I connected my 8100, but I can’t find the command to update the OS. PLEASE HELP!

  13. I notice there no downloads for the 8130, 8330 or 8830.

  14. CDMA OS versions come out months after GSM and they are usually carrier dependant.

    Greg to install the OS you need to click on the application loader icon.

  15. What would happen if I tried to update an 8703e that is CDMA?


  16. I’m a little confused… I downloaded and “installed” the 4.5 OS onto my computer…what now? Opening the Desktop Manager and connecting my Blackberry does nothing. Isn’t it supposed to automatically pop up a message telling me to upgrade my OS? Am I missing something here?

  17. Random question, is RIM going to kill the person who posted this? 😉 (aka are these still beta releases or are these the legit device OSs now…)

  18. RIM is well know to hire assasins. On the other hand these beta files are in the public domain. Pandora’s box was opened by them.The proverbial cat is out of the bag. Its not our job to secure their IP. Especially when I don’t see the harm…

    From what I know you need to click on the “application loader” icon in desktop manager to initiate the install.

  19. Downloading for the 8700 using the rapidshare account from my brother…

    I hope this works ok! Thanks!

  20. Since Facebook is a rather popular app for the BlackBerry: seems to have not survived the upgrade. If that happens simply go to and download the latest version (for some reason I had to explicitly select my language from the dropdown before I could click to accept the EULA).

    All the other apps I have installed (eg: Viigo, JiveTalk, TellMe) seemed to make it though.

  21. Hi Ronen,

    Quick question: did you delete vendor.xml before upgrading, or did you just have at it?

    (as in vendor.xml from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader)



  22. PEOPLE! DO NOT TRY THESE on any 8x3x device, let alone an 87xx. High risk you could “brick” your berry. As usual, we Sprint/Verizon/Alltel/etc. CDMA users are left out of the fun.

    I did see a rumor several weeks back that 4.5.x had gone to the CDMA carriers for cert BUT nobody has seen an official release yet.

  23. ok so i have a 8820… i downloaded the upgrade and open the app loader but nothing happens… there is no option for the upgrade in the app selection window… i tried doing it manually by going to the folder where the upgrade is kept but when i add an alx file to the app loader that way it tells me that there are no apps for my device… so i tried downloading the upgrade for the 8800 and it worked somewhat… i am missing a app name under the os upgrade “blackberry ECMAScript library” please help

  24. and no i havent changed anything in the files

  25. can anyone verify the version for 8320 working on a GSM Berry?

  26. So it’s better not to install it on a 8700?

  27. No need to delete xml files. You may need a different version of desktop manager for some berrys. I found the latest 4.2 version worked the best.

    I do not recommend installing if you have no clue what you are doing. Continue at your own peril!!! 🙂

  28. would not recommend downloading for the 8100 at this time. the ui is horrendously slow right now, especially after a cold boot, and third-party applications /will/ crash the phone. i’m downgrading back to t-mo usa’s current version.

  29. Downloading 8800, but going slow!!! 12MB after almost 1 hour… has me at over 5MB/sec download. Anyone have any suggestions???

  30. Okay, I’m still very confused here. This isn’t the first time I’ve upgraded my OS, so I’m not completely in the dark, but for whatever reason the Desktop Manager refuses to acknowledge the presence of the new firmware. I’ve even downloaded the latest version of the Desktop Manager software, and still nothing. All I need to know is what to do to initiate the software upgrade, and I can take it from there. I can’t believe RIM would make it so difficult to upgrade the firmware!!!! Anyone, please help?

  31. Nevermind, deleting the vendor.xml file seems to have worked. The update pop-up appears now as it should.

  32. yah that worked for me as well thanks david

  33. Just installed and works like a charm! The video was something i needed yesterday and all it took was an OS update. Thanks for the hook up.

  34. I have the 8100 pearl and i installed the 4.5 os it works great! its not going slow at all but the only problem is that if i dont touch it for like 1 minute it reboots on its own! does anyone know how i could fix this issue??

  35. are these beta version or the real thing? and how do u install the upgrade?

  36. I installed the above OS and the Precision Theme isn’t working anymore.
    Anybody has the same problem with themes on the 4.5 OS?

  37. Sry I forgot, I installed it on a 8110 and it’s working very fine 🙂

  38. I am stuck in Device Initialization for 30 minutes so far…what is the deal?

  39. The installation takes a long time, like 40 minutes, so just be patient and give it time, it should work just fine. Worked for me on my 8300, it even fixed some GPS/bluetooth issues.

  40. ok found a bug try it and see if it dose it to you….
    i have lots of pics on my media card…
    so after i go into the folder and it brings them up it gets to a certin number of pics in thumbnail view and then the device restarts….

  41. This might sound like a dumb question can we get in trouble for downloading this and installing it?

  42. Smis,
    What trouble are you talking about? Not really much RIM can do. Its kind of like unlocking the iPhone. It sucks for apple but there is not much they can do about it.

    Honestly I think they should embrace it!!! They should use us as a beta testing platform to find their bugs. I know hundreds of people who would be more than willing.what is the harm to RIM? They anyways give the software for free. The only downside is carrier support but if RIM made it clear that these were beta builds…

  43. Question,

    I just installed it on my 8310 AT&T curve. Everything appears to work except for the video recording? I can run the application and it appears to record but does not output a file for me to save? Anyone else having issues with video recording features?

    Thanks Ron and the Birdies for this update!

    PS: Is this version still considered beta? or the full release version?

  44. I just updated my T-Mo 8320 with Wifi… Seems to work just fine!

    I will be trying out the wifi capabilities, etc. I’ll post again if anything bad happens.

  45. I just notice that some people experience the timeout freeze which i also did. The Solution to this problem seems to be the Media Card for me. Temporary fix until a new version is out is go to Options > Media Card and select Off for Media Card Support. I have blackberry 8800 and that fix the timeout reboot and crash problem. Everything else seems to work fine now.

  46. For the 8100: Great. Browser – major upgrades. You can veiw youtube. few new applications come with it. Word to go. seems like a pdf veiwer. I haven’t tried it yet and slide show to go. Only glitches is that some third party aplication icons are either blurry or don’t show at all. The media player got a nice look to it now. and something about gps is in the gps option area. All and all pretty cool. Has a new feel to it. I like it.

  47. you must remove your the old software first, by wiping javaloader,
    and then after downloading the os 4.5 delet the vender xlm, after you start desktop manager, then go to apploader you will see it there, if you can get dsktop 4.3 with media manager get it, this is not hard to after have done this as many times as i have. I dont even call my provider any longer they dont know sh**t and wont be getting the upgrades when it does come out for them they dont how many more blackberry they could sell.

  48. Heaps of improvements, font looks way better throughout.

    Can’t find docs to go on the 8320 though.

    All my email attachments are docx and don’t open 🙁

  49. Where’s OS 4.5 for 8707 :((

  50. Once the installation is complete and the phone restarts, does the hour glass rotate or stays still? Mine is keeping still.. I’m wondering if it is working or not?

  51. These are still beta releases and not the final release imo.

  52. i installed it and it is working fine as of now. BB 8320

  53. My wife says “if I get she would be afraid I would go to jail for doing this”.

  54. just downloaded the OS now and it moved super fast…got it in abt 10 minutes 🙂

    lets hope the install on the phone goes as smoothly!

  55. is there media player for 8700, does any have 1 to discuss this wit i have the os on my hh bb and how i get utube or streaming videos

  56. 8320 users!!! Does your berry still goes to UMA?

  57. These updates support Chinese displays?

  58. not quite sure Darkdragoon…

  59. Thanks for you quick reply Ronen. I’ll just have to take my chances and see.

  60. Installed it on my 8800 – very cool!
    I did run into the rebooting problem where it rebooted constantly but formatting the media card solved that issue.

  61. To bypass all these rebooting issues, I guess I will take out my media card before doing the updates.

  62. the links can also be found here…

  63. Installed it on my 8320. almost ok UMA not showing and when I try to sign on to my AIM it prompts “service not enabled for this handheld”

  64. dark dragon
    did that fix the issues? i think that it is when you do a backup or anything like that with your memory card in it dose something to it…. i had mine out then when i went to go and do a backup then the rebooting issue became an issue…
    oh and i have a 8820

  65. Q, I’m still downloading… But here is what I will do, I’m gonna take out the media card, hook it up to the DM, do a backup and then proceed to upgrade the OS. Logically it should resolve much of the issue.

  66. my last post didnt make it up….

    short story, i like it! ive got an 8320, and its working great!!

    thanks BerryReview!

  67. The whole update process took less then 30 minutes and had no issue whatsoever…

  68. So far everything looks good.

    Pros: Got that iPhone like fonts, better browsing experience using cursor, spell checks. Support all major languages, the L Dimension theme, better email viewing.

    Cons: Google maps not working, Facebooks apps not working. BB maps prompts for configs.

    Thats it for now.

  69. Facebook apps works after reloading.

  70. k i figured out the memory card issue… lets just say take your card out before you update and before you do any backups… after that it works like a charm even with my 8gb micro
    sdhc card

  71. Yup… simple as that.

  72. Anyone got the BB map issue? I got an message saying that my device is not configred for BIS and BES access.

  73. I have an 8310 and just flashed to the new rom, I like it but it is very slow at times……… 😐

  74. Q: that just seems logical. I wouldn’t have even thought to do an OS upgrade with mymedia card installed.

    Question for the crowd. Can someone with a 83xx or 81xx shoot a video clip and then email it to someone with and 88xx and see if email in 4.5 recognizes .3gp attachment type and will let you save it to card? 4.2 doesn’t recognize so when my wife videos the baby she can’t send them to me to view when traveling.

  75. Curve 8320. Works Wonderful in every aspect with the exception of UMA. My Wifi still works for data, browsing, messaging, etc. But not with UMA. I did a few wifi diagnostics and noticed it will continue to try and reconnect but fails everytime. Is anyone else having this issue?

  76. Yup. A known issue with this beta and the 8320.

  77. Big issues with the browser. Yes it looks nicer, but if I hover over a text box for the first time it will let me type. If I hover over it, then move away, and hover over it again it wont let me. I have to refresh the page. Anyone else having this problem? Other aspects of the browser feel awkward too, but the browser was always terrible. As mentioned, some icons look blurry and pixelated. Docs to go is pointless without paying for the upgrade to create a new document. I tried resetting it, but couldn’t get my old OS back. I used the backup and restore. Didn’t work. Wouldn’t let me remove it in the application loader and the ‘wipe handheld’ option didn’t work. All these things just caused more problems I had to spend hours fixing. I’m now just going to stick with it and hope the official release comes out soon, with all the problems fixed. Very soon. I’m not saying don’t download it, just be aware of the problems. And yes, there are lots of improvements for the browser and hopefully it will be very good once it’s sorted properly.

  78. OK here is the poop on my experience… I have a T-Mobile 8820. The download was a bit slow but not horrible. The install took about an hour; I was a bit preoccupied watching the NCAA Lacrosse Championships…. the install went well, no issues. It did break UMA. My guess is that we will have to wait for the release from T-Mobile on this feature. All other apps seem to work OK i.e. Google Maps, BlackBerry Maps, Viigo, GMail and Telenav. It took me about an hour to get it reactivated on my BES. I had to delete myself from our server and recreate myself. Still the activation took over an hour then hung at 98%. I cancelled and reactivated again and it finished the second time. Overall the UI is very nice. Mail and calendar are an improvement. Love the browser as well. I tested most of the features and they all seem to work OK such as free/busytime lookup, remote e-mail lookup, DocsToGo, Audio/Video streaming in the browser (YouTube) and the automatic playlists. Native attachment downloads work as well. HTML e-mail support does not seem to work, someone please let me know if I am wrong.

  79. The problem with the browser can be resolved by not choosing to use the pointer in column view. As for the pictures, I believe that you can choose the quality of the initial picture quality to cut down on load time.

  80. Oh… also installed Sametime 2.0 and it works well. Another big improvement.

  81. My Rogers 8310 seems to be a bit slower since I installed the update, but nothing critical. One of the bigger pains in the ass is when I pull the battery and restart the device my icons/ribbon goes back to the default, so any moves or hides or folders I have done are gone. Very irritating. Maybe it has to do with the theme I am using, the BB Today Plus. Anyone else with this issue?

  82. RC,
    That is a known bug with the today plus theme and OS 4.5. I remember reading a fix somewhere. All other themes are fine for some reason…

  83. I installed these on my pearl and on my GF’s 8800, the pearl works flawlessly, i had previously used and i saw some minor differences.on the 8800 i came across the media card problem, since i had already upgraded with the card inside, i backed up the data, formated it within the device and loaded all the stuff back in it, sadly, it kept resetting, so i did as the first post states and turned off the media card support. My GF has some custom ringtones in the card, so i would like for her to have them back working and all, has anyone solved this problem any other way?

  84. Royeiror,

    To answer your question, what I have done is backup my card to my local PC. Then format the card and reinsert it back into the blackberry. Then using Desktop Manager transfering the Media back onto your blackberry. Don’t use local copy and paste options as I tried this and it failed. Hope this helps. Other than that issue, has performed flawlessly on my 8800 with no problems…

  85. bian: thanks for the quick response, i did in fact cop the stuff back on the card using mass storage mode, so i hope following your sugestion helps. any other settings that i should take into account?

  86. Royeiror,

    Thats it. If you format the card under the new OS, 4.5.037 and use Desktop manager to copy everything back onto the card, everything should work now, no more crashing or reboot…

  87. Hey brian how big is your card? I have a 8 gb and it would take forever to copy it through the manager ….

  88. Pandora still doesn’t work; mobile or regular on bb browser or opera mini.

    also, isn’t there supposed to be full html email in this one? i thought there was supposed to be.

  89. Hey brian how big is your memory card? I have a 8 gb and it would take forever to load everything back on it through the desktop manager …. Any ideas?

  90. The html email is also carrier dependant …. So that be why ….

  91. Thanks Ronen. I will do some more digging.

    From what I understand is the carrier’s BIS has to be a certain version. Understandable since no carrier has released their version that their BIS would be equipped for same.

  92. Is anyone else having a problem receiving facebook notifications? Mine aren’t getting through. I tried going into facebook, changing my email and changing it back but it didn’t work. This and the other problems make me want my old OS back but I can’t get it. Does anyone know a definate way to get my old OS. I feel like I’ve tried everything. Iknow there’s lots of good things but there’s lots of things which need fixing too. I should have just waited for the official release.

  93. Kaleb,

    I only have a 1gb memory card, but its only probably got 200mb-300mb of stuff. The transfer rate seems pretty quick. It isn’t too bad. But if you talking about 8gb of data transfer from your computer to the blackberry it might take a while.

  94. I have the 8100 and loaded the new OS onto my berry. i have been waiting for it forever so that i can use my phone with stereo bluetooth. HOWEVER, it doesnt seem to be working with my motorola HT820’s. ANyone else having issues with that?

  95. Found a simple fix…when ever i restart my bb after deleting or adding an application; for some reason some of the desktop icon symbols disappear. I found that if you just switch what ever theme your using and then switch it back; the desktop icon symbol come back.

  96. thanks ! Good Luck To U

  97. Just installed on my 8110 (At&t) No huge differences. Still no HTML email but the media player looks good. everything works so far

  98. To everyone the htm email is a part of the carrier BIS software and won’t work untill they turn it on …. So the OS still might have html emails …. But we won’t know untill the carriers get the go ahead from RIM to do it (probably when the final release will be comming out)

  99. what is the 2.0 download that steve berghorn is speaking of, please advise

  100. I downloaded the 4.5 & would like to have the older operating system back. Is there any way to do that? Please let me know. Thanks, Elaine

  101. Downloaded and installed on my 8800.
    Media player seems cool, but it will not save a playlist. I can make a playlist, save the playlist name…then add songs to it…click save the playlist…..go back and view the playlist…and there are no songs underneath.
    No Html e-mail yet.
    Really no huge differences.
    Want to try the AD2P stereo bluetooth. Anybody tried that yet?
    Thanks, Mark

  102. I loaded on my Rogers 8800 and keep getting a white screen followed by media card removed (there is no media card in the unit) or at times it just reboots. I disabled the media card support with no difference. I had viigo on the unit so I removed it. There are no more 3rd party apps. Still no improvement. I have wiped and reloaded the OS with none of my data restored, no success. I am running off a BES with SP2. Any ideas? I know that it is a beta but it is getting to the point that I can’t use it and I will have to go back to regular BBOS. I would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks…Andre

  103. I installed 4.5 on my 8310 and have seen a vast improvent with just about everything but I do not have an icon for blackberry maps. It shows to be installed and at 4.5 any help????

  104. Anyone heard of a flash player that will work on the 8310 with os 4.5

  105. so this is not an “official” download for the new O.S? I heard the new O.S is not compatible with the colored trackball software…any other software conflicts? I’m nervous about downloading a new O.S that isn’t an “official” release…

  106. I have 4.5.37 on my 8700& 8300 they both work great. The 8700 is for bussiness professionals only not entertaiment purposes no videos streaming will not work on them at all trust me I triied every thing but you can goto for downloadable videos throw them that’s it for the 8700 that’s why got me the 8300 to view videos, movies ect if you have a 8700 don’t rack you brain it does have the enough memory for that just upgrade its best bet

  107. All working fine on my BB8320. UMA, Google Maps, Facebook… everything works ffine

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