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Sandy – Your Personal Assistant & Reminder Service

IwantsandyI know this is a bit old but it has been a day to dig up old news. One of our readers, Doug, sent in a question asking how he can improve his reminders on his BlackBerry. I humbly pointed out as a free service that lets you setup email reminders.

Its as easy as sending an email to Sandy to remind you to do something. Sandy will then send you a reminder before the item is due. She will also jot things down for you to follow up on, etc. Its essentially also a to do list manager.

Worth a try if you find that the reminder function in the BlackBerry calendar is not doing it for you. You can even setup an exception in your profile to make Sandys reminders stick out.

Check it out at

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  1. Bull introduced me to Sandy and I have become addicted. It’s so easy to use and Sandy works very very well. Here is an idea: SHAPE could integrate VR+ and iDictate with Sandy so we could just dictate a reminder and press one single button/key to send it to Sandy. That would be awesome.

  2. I have to agree. I’ve been using Sandy for a year now and it really is a godsend. I have Sandy as a contact using my I Want Sandy email address so it’s even easier to just create reminders and tasks right from the Messages app. It’s pretty seamless if integrated this way. The daily summary you could have Sandy send you at the time you designate is a really nice touch. Although there are times I have to explain to dates who this “Sandy” person is I’ve been emailing constantly and to whom I’m entrusting my life and my kids’ lives to. Then again, my Blackberry has always been a source of jealousy from my dates all the time. =)


  3. I also want to add, if you use Jott and have Sandy as a contact, you would be able to dictate an email to Sandy with reminders and tasks. It’s really neat. All this integration is pretty darn cool.

  4. sandy is going off line on Dec 8, 2008

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