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BlackBerry Wallet – More Info On How It Works (Will Work)

Blackberrywallet[3]I know many of you installed the BlackBerry wallet application when we mentioned it last week. While sifting through some of the documentation on the Wallet application I ran into the following document on RIM’s website.

It turns out that mobile website stores will need to be part of something called the BlackBerry Content Optimization Technology Program for the wallet to auto input information.

According to RIM:

When you visit such an online store for the first time, you receive a prompt to install BlackBerry Content Optimization Technology Program, a small application that improves your browsing experience. You can browse the web site and add items to your shopping card as you would on a web site that you visit using your computer.

When you are ready to begin the checkout process, you can conveniently access BlackBerry Wallet to choose the credit card, gift card, and loyalty card that you want to use to complete the transaction.

The document also goes out and details how such a transaction works exactly:

Note: Before you make a purchase, you have the option to accept the prompt to install the BlackBerry® Content Optimization Technology Program. This program improves browsing on supported online retailers web sites.

  1. Using a browser on your BlackBerry smarphone, visit a supported online retailers web site and add items to your shopping cart.
  2. When you are ready to begin the checkout process, press the Menu key.
  3. Click Open Wallet.
  4. Type your BlackBerry Wallet password.
  5. Highlight your login credentials.
  6. Click one of the following items:
    • Edit
    • Yes
    • No
  7. Click Login.
  8. Highlight a credit card.
  9. Click Yes.
  10. Click OK.

Hopefully the BerryReview store will be part of the Content Optimization Technology Program soon.

So has anybody found a store that is part of the program yet???

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  1. /RANT
    For REAL! Why does RIM do stuff like this only to find out its unusable anywhere???

  2. Agreed. Auto completion for everyday forms would have been more useful.
    The wallet idea is good too, but it has to be readily compatible and available everywhere. If RIM are going to have their own Smart Premium BlackBerry Content Optimization Technology Program Golden Plus Master, then Apple will think they must have theirs too, and Symbian and WM and Palm etc. and what vendor can bear that kind of burden? That is one lousy page to take from Microsoft’s book.

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