GooSync Premium Now Does Bidirectional Google Contacts Sync

goosynccontacts.gifI know you have heard of GooSync on BerryReview before to sync your Google Calendar and contacts 1 way with your BlackBerry. Josep just let me know that they have just added a serious upgrade to their premium feature set with bidirectional sync. Bidirectional means that it syncs the contacts from Google to your Berry AND from your Berry back to Google. The premium service costs 20 euros so I am not sure what that is in dollars currently. You can read more about it at

The new features in GooSync Premium

  • Sync appointments up to 365 days in advance
  • Sync multiple Google Calendars
  • Sync Google Contacts – Both ways
  • Sync Tasks

After the jump you can see a table breakdown of the features available in the free versus the premium version. Its a damn good alternative to a BES if your looking for the poor mans BES.

Free Service Premium Service
Bi-directional Calendar Synchronization
Giving you the ability to synchronize your events and appointments between your device and your Google Calendar account.
All-Day Events
Synchronize birthdays and other all-day events.
Repeating Events
Support for repeating events (an appointment every Monday at 9am etc).
Appointment Reminders
Synchronize appointment reminders. Be alerted before a meeting.
Free/Busy Status
Sync an appointments Free/Busy status. Also know as the Available/Busy setting in Google Calendar.
Private Events
Allows you to synchronize private events.
Google Apps Support
Allows you to synchronize your device with your Google Apps Calendar.
Full Access to Sync Logs
Allowing you to see the details of your recent syncs.
Additional Sync Modes
Support for additional sync modes such as Update Device and Update Server.
Priority Support
Get priority on all requests sent to GooSync support.
Get the AutoSync feature added to the GooSync client on your Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices.
Configurable Sync Window
You can select +- 365 days, allowing you to sync any events that fall within this sync window.
Multi Calendar Support
Allows you to select and sync events from any of your Google Calendars.
Read Only Calendars
Sync events to your device from any read-only shared calendar.
Appointment Attendees
Allows you to know who’s coming to that meeting by synchronizing any confirmed attendees to your device.
Google Contacts Synchronization
Providing you with a bi-directional contacts synchronisation between your device and your Google account.
GooSync Contacts Synchronization
Giving you the ability to synchronize Contacts between your device and your GooSync account.
Import/Export GooSync Contacts
Allows you to import and export contacts, within GooSync, in both vCard and .csv format. Includes support for the Google .csv format.
GooSync Contacts Manager
Providing you with a full contacts manager within your GooSync account. Allowing you to maintain your contacts from a central location.
GooSync Contacts Backup and Restore
Keep your contacts safe and secure on our servers. Even if your device is lost or broken your contacts can be easily restored.
Tasks Manager
Providing you a full tasks manager within your GooSync account. Allowing you to maintain your tasks from a central location.
Tasks Backup and Restore
Keep your tasks safe and secure on our servers. Even if your device is lost or broken your tasks can be easily restored.
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  1. Does it support syncing categories?

  2. I may have answered my own question:

    What are the differences between GooSync and Google Contacts synchronisation?

    * Using GooSync offers a sync between your GooSync contacts and your device. Your contacts are securely stored in GooSync and you can view and modify your contacts using the GooSync Contacts manager. In addition you can sync categories.


  3. i would never cancel my BES for this. i tried googlesync once the software provide by google and kept getting errors when clicking on events saying they were removed from served. i would have to do a battery pull to get everything working again. bes is the way to go

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