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Ten Reasons You KNOW You’re a Blackberry Addict

Several people have put their take on this, but here’s mine for what it’s worth:

1. When upon immediately waking up in the morning, the first thing on your mind is your Blackberry. (you wonder how it is, if it slept well, etc.)

2. When taking a shower is stressful, because you can’t take your Blackberry with you. (well, you can but it wouldn’t be a good idea)

3. When you scowl at those signs in doctor’s offices that say, ‘All Cell Phones MUST be Turned Off’ (yes, we can still do email and browse the web – but we hate those signs anyway)

4. When, if we have young kids, we say to them: ‘Don’t touch my Blackberry, don’t look at my Blackberry…heck, don’t even THINK about my Blackberry’ for the simple reason we don’t want anything (not even potential bad thoughts) to happen to our baby, ie Blackberry.

5. When you get anxious seeing that little red light blinking indicating there’s a new message and can’t immediately check it because – darn it! – somebody or something needs your undivided attention at that exact moment. The nerve!

6. When your significant other says something bad about your Blackberry and it actually hurts your feelings.

7. When we leave that significant other over their dislike of our Blackberry. (hey, if they can’t accept my Blackberry, they can’t accept ME!)

8. When you take your tax money and buy the newest Blackberry with it instead of putting it towards your kid’s much needed braces.

9. When you have nightmares of something bad happening to your Blackberry.

10. When you can’t ever imagine the rest of your life without a Blackberry in it.

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  1. Seriously, one clear sign of addiction I’ve found in myself is an overwhelming lack of interest for other smartphones. Recent example: the Xperia. I never gave it a second look and promptly dismissed all articles about it. I don’t stop to stare at phone store windows anymore. I haven’t been to GSM Arena in many months. Those things belong in the past, I don’t care about them anymore.
    OTOH, I wasn’t very impressed by the Bold and the FlipBerry.

  2. My Blackberry is my alarm clock. I have a large clock program so it’s the last thing I touch before I go to sleep and the first thing I touch when I wake up. Do you think I have a problem?

  3. Yes I have recurring nightmares that I fall into some sort of body of water with my bb in my pocket. I wake up sweating every time, I swear.

    You are also addicted when you find yourself holding down a letter on your computer’s keyboard to capitalize it and look up and see ttttttttttt instead of T.

  4. hmm read this on another site…..

  5. I fall asleep 1/2 way through writing an email at night only to wake up in the morning with my fingers still poised over the keyboard. (finish typing and send) Better late than never…

  6. This stupid list is the reason why people insinuate that BlackBerry users are “addicts” and junkies. Your cell phone should never come between you and your children/significant other. It’s one thing to acknowledge that people with BlackBerries are on them, a lot, but it’s another thing entirely to say s*** like “I worry about how it is or if it slept well” or to say your feelings are hurt when someone says something “bad” about your BlackBerry.

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