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So You Think You’ve Got Bugs In Your System

RedantThings have been a little hot and heavy around here this week due to WES so I thought we could lighten things up with a funny story. I was just reading this great article on Engadget sourcing for the story.

It turns out that the origins of the word “bugs” is coming out again. Some ants came over on a cargo ship to Texas and started attacking electrical equipment! These ants are called “crazy rasberry ants”

They are the size of fleas and the don’t walk in straight lines which is why they are called crazy. These ants are also attracted to electrical equipment for some unknown reason. They have been wreaking havoc in quite a few places. The worst part is that they are resistant to the over the counter ant killers.  They also have multiple queens making them hard to kill.

The craziest part is that they know to stay away from ant poison! According to the article the ants “pile up the dead, sometimes using them as a bridge to cross safely over surfaces treated with pesticide”

And you thought you had bugs!!!

Read the full article on for some good laughs!

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  1. Funny, yes, until they get into my BlackBerry. 🙁

  2. Keep your Blackberry in the salt dispenser and your salt in the sugar dispenser. They’ll get really pissed off.

  3. I just found it scary. Seriously electronics attacking ants? I already have enough problems with gadgets

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