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Free RIM BlackBerry Wallet Application! – Store Personal Information Securely

I just visited from my Berry and found a new application called the BlackBerry wallet. It lets you store your owner information, credit cards, gift cards, login credentials, loyalty cards, and shipping addresses for easy access. Its much better than the password manager.


BlackBerry® Wallet has been designed to make shopping on your BlackBerry® smartphone faster and easier. It lets you use information securely stored on your BlackBerry smartphone to help fill in forms with credit card, reward program and shipping information.

How Does it Work?
Simply switch to the BlackBerry Wallet when you’re ready to make a purchase. Enter your password, and populate your credit card information, delivery details and more.

Your credit card and shipping information are your business. For your protection, not even you can use your BlackBerry Wallet without entering a password. It’s also AES encrypted, so you can be sure your data is secure.

You can pick it up for free on your Berry from this link:





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  1. When will this be available for the 8330? It wouldn’t allow me to install.

  2. It also said my 8130 (vzw) is incompatible.

  3. Weird works like a charm for me on both an at&t 8310 and 8100

  4. It doesn’t seem to work with my 8830 either (also with VZW)…

  5. I can’t even see it in the site at all. Maybe it’s not available outside the U.S. I had to follow your link and eventually I too was told that my device is not supported.

  6. vzw 8330 same message here.. emailed RIM but guess everyone is at WES!

  7. Does not install on the Curve 8330, either. Get the same msg as others: doesn’t meet system requirements.

  8. Sorry guys I guess VZW wants to charge for this? 🙂 Not sure why it does not work outside the US

  9. It worked for my tmo 8120.

  10. It installs fine on my 8330 but when you run the Program for the first time, and input your personal information, it gets stuck at the “Save” screen and you cannot go any further with it. I think I will take it off my BB for now, and wait until the bugs are worked out.

  11. Seems like they fixed the international issue now. Not sure if it also fixed the VZW issue. Can somebody try it?

  12. I installed it last night on a VZW 8830 without any issue. I have not tired to store any info yet however.

  13. Hopefully, they’ll look to update this app in the future. It’s not even marginally better than Password Keeper. Sure, it’s a nice little app for keeping your info in that you can store them neatly in a form. But you lose the freeform functionality of Password Keeper. You can’t attach notes to records which I need to indicate miscellaneous information like security questions, effective dates, etc….

    Also, whoever thought that account numbers are all numeric must be living in the Stone Ages. The Account Number field in the Login form only takes numbers!

    It’s a good start, nonetheless. I would definitely recommend some sort of form builder or editor so you can customize or add new forms, and an easier way to get your data into the clipboard.


  14. It’s working for me too. But I can’t store my shipping address because my phone number is “invalid”. Go figure. Until I removed a couple of digits and had it start with “1”. So only U.S. people are supposed to use it.
    Also, I don’t see how this application itegrates with the browser. It doesn’t fill in forms automatically or anything. I don’t quite see the point of this application actually.

  15. So how long do I have to wait for a desktop companion to this application? That would certainly make it an everyday application for me.

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