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VR+ version 2.4 goes social

SHAPE services has released a new version of VR+, one of my favorite applications for the Blackberry. Some of you may remember my raves in the review I wrote for it. The last time, I was excited about the (then new) tight integration with the iDictate service – which I plan to review too, sooner or later.

This time, I am not so excited because I’ve never been that kind of “social” type, but they are again extending the possiblities with something that should be interesting to a bunch of people: the ability to post immediately your recording to MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re too lazy to type 140 characters, well, you can just dictate them. Of course, MySpace and Facebook don’t have that limitation, so you can blabber a lot more. Here is a mini review:

VRPlusnew_01-70.jpg VRPlusnew_02-70.jpg

VRPlusnew_03-70.jpg VRPlusnew_04-70.jpg

Like I said, I am not the social type. I don’t have a MySpace account, and my Facebook and Twitter accounts are abandoned. I never really intended to use them anyway. That’s enough to run a quick test, but I don’t think I can make VR+ work with any of them. I uploaded the recording to Twitter first and nothing happened in my Twitter page. I waited for 15 minutes and nothing happened. Then I got a message from Remember The Milk telling me that a new “todo” task had been added?!! The message contained a link to my recording at SHAPE’s site, but my Twitter timeline never displayed it. So I unfollowed RTM and uploaded the recording again. Another 15 minutes later, still nothing new in my timeline yet. 45 minutes later, still nothing. So the feature is not working, I am doing something wrong or Dvorak finally has accomplished his evil plan to bring Twitter down. I realize there is a “Make this post public” at the top of the posting page and I checked it, but I still can’t make my VR+ post turn up in my timeline. Then I tried it with Facebook and had the same result: nothing happened in my Facebook page.

I am sure this is going to work eventually and should be nice.

But I have to repeat the same complaint I made the last time I upgraded VR+, when I wrote the review: once again, VR+ can no longer detect and display my old recordings. They are all there in my media card where they have always been, but they no longer show up in my list. What is going on, SHAPE? 😡 That is an annoying bug!

Kudos to SHAPE for pushing the envelope once again, but they will have to sort out those bugs. And I still don’t know if it works as expected with MySpace.

If you don’t know VR+ at all, you can get the information about it and purchase it here.

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  1. I use VR+ since 2.2 and had never the problem with not displayed recordings.

    BB 8800 (4.2.1)

  2. Hans, how do you update VR+? Do you delete the old version before installing the new one or do you simply “overwrite”?

  3. Would be great if they added better playback control, like play speed, skip forward, back, etc. Its a real pain with a long recording to review without these controls

  4. Securedge, VR+ saves recordings in either WAV or AMR format. Both can be played by the Blackberry native media player, which supports most of the playback control you want.

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