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TelMap – Another GPS Application For BlackBerry

PedestriannavigationToday seems to be the day of GPS. I am not sure when this one came out but one of our readers sent me a link to a post by Sith_Apprentice on BBforums. Turns out that there is yet another GPS application compatible with the BlackBerry and once again the maps are not stored on the device. Sadly this application does not seem to be available to the general public. You have to buy a branded version from specified companies such as vodaphone or carphone warehouse.

I think the coolest part about this application is that it has a mode for driving and another for when you are walking. You would think other applications would pick up on the fact that I walk more than drive with my BlackBerry.  The software even has a web planning client which syncs with the application.

Features from the product page:

  • Clear navigation screen with 2D or 3D moving maps showing POI’s such as gas stations and rest areas along the route, parking around the destination, full navigation information and detailed text instructions with road sign information.
  • Well-timed sound prompts that read out street names using text-to-speech technology.
  • Multiple navigation views such as overview map, route details and list of turns as well as day and night mode.
  • Full support for traffic information provides traffic aware routing and re-routing as well as alternative routes along with a detailed event list for traffic along the route or on any map.
  • Speed camera alerts to enhance driver safety.
  • Fastest and shortest optimization with different avoid options for the route calculation.
  • Cross-regional routing allows uninterrupted navigation between geographical regions.
  • Instantaneous local reroute through use of proprietary Mobile Optimized Navigation Data (MOND) technology.
  • Manual navigation mode shows directions so that you can preview your route.

Check out some screenshots at this link

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  1. Actually service from them is available directly. I spoke to them during MWC. They offer European abd NA maps. They are also the backend for Mapquest Mobile

  2. Here is the direct sale link, there is a 14 day trial as well –

  3. Nice catch Remzi. I could not find it before

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