Updated RSA SecurID Features for BlackBerry Coming Soon

SecurIDBlackberryRSA has made a serious time investment in BlackBerry devices by to beef up the functionality of a SecurID Token for the BlackBerry. It should be coming in late Q2 this year so that means right around the corner. I have a background in IT security so this kind of stuff is very interesting. (At least for me )

Check out the features from the press release:

  • Direct Access to the BlackBerry Mobile VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    • This allows a user with a BlackBerry smartphone enabled with Wi-Fi® technology to securely and easily connect to in-office enterprise wireless network access points. Once connected, the user can leverage their company’s wireless connection for email and application access, without accumulating charges on their data plans that can get charged back to the business.
  • New Dynamic Seed Provisioning based on CT-KIP Protocol
    • This feature provides customers with a simplified process for a BlackBerry smartphone to function as an RSA SecurID authenticator by more easily provisioning the software tokens that produce one-time passwords (OTP). This more cost-effective ‘over the air’ method of token provisioning simplifies and automates the end user experience that can result in reduced call volume to technical support resources.
  • Tighter Integration with BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    • By implementing IT policies through BlackBerry Enterprise Server, administrators of the RSA SecurID Token for BlackBerry now have an increased ability to customize and configure the application for better centralized control. For example, administrators can choose to mask users’ PINs and passwords to help enforce compliance with corporate policies.
  • Support for Software Token Backup and Restoration Across New or Wiped Devices
    • This new feature enables the automatic restoration of a software token to a user’s new or wiped handset, removing the time-consuming task of deploying the software token – from scratch – to existing and established customers facing this scenario.

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