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BBerrySync – Sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, & Notes Without BES

I know BBerrySync has been in beta for a long time but they have finally announced their full product. You can know sign up for their service to sync you contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, inbox, & sent messages without a BES server!!! It just syncs your Outlook on your PC with your BlackBerry. This is better than Unite! since Unite! does not sync with Outlook.

They actually have two editions which can be found on their website

  • The Complete edition ($6/month or $54.99/year) with full Microsoft Outlook OTA Sync of Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Calendar, Sent and Draft Emails.
  • Or the Lite edition ($4/month or $39.99/year) with Microsoft Outlook OTA Sync for Contacts, Notes, Sent and Draft Emails.


If your like me and did not realize how to navigate the BBerrySync website just scroll over the images in the large header of the page. They are actually the menu buttons. While this looks really cool it is hard to get used to.

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  1. I might be mistaken, but I thought that this was what Desktop Redirector did. No?

    What I’m looking for is a way to do this without requiring me to leave on a computer, within my corporate firewall, that “shares” my information.

    OWA access works for mail, why can’t someone develop a product that uses this same mechanism to sync calendar, notes, and tasks?

  2. Hello Ronen – Josh from the BBerrySync Team here – Website concept was the Blackberry wheel and scroll through the icons (the links) – will have to talk to the design team! I also wanted to clarify that BBerrySync does not replace the BIS for handling of incoming and outgoing mail, but copies sent mail from BB to your PC and vice versa. Also, the PC does not need to be on all the time, as the data server stores or queues the sync items until the other client connects to the server and downloads the sync items – we call it a handshake. The data server does not store a copy of your data after the handshake. Thanks. – Josh – BBerrySync Team

    • Hey Josh,

      Are you in touch with BBerry Sync Tech Support Team, I am having issues syncing my outlook info to my BB device and i have already tried everthing i know. i sent in a trouble ticket completely explaining the issue.

  3. Thanks, Josh. Can you clarify? For example, suppose I add a meeting to my BB calendar. Even though my laptop is turned off, will my Exchange server be updated with the new meeting? This is important, since I want co-workers to be able to see that I’m now busy, so that they won’t schedule me in a meeting for that time? Or will it need to wait until I go back into the office and turn on my laptop?

  4. Hi Jeff – Your Exchange server would be updated only when the laptop is turned on. BBerrySync does not interface directly with Exchange.

  5. Hi Josh – Could I clarify, when sending emails from my BB with this service, will I be able to select an alternate email address to be sent from? Or will the receiver see the email was sent from BB address? Thanks.

  6. Is there a way I can test connectivity without purchasing? i’d like to see if i’ll be able to communicate to your servers from inside my company’s firewall.

  7. These guys take your money and RUN!! Do a google lookup before you buy!!

    Other alternatives:

    GoogleSync – Free / but limited

    Google em first!

  8. Suppose you are on GroupWise, not Exchange. Is there any way to sync calendar (and contacts and mail, for that matter) with GroupWise? Further complicating things is that I cannot install software within my corporate firewall, but I can install software that runs outside the firewall, as long as it has some way of picking up the data. My employer does have web access to GroupWise, so maybe something that uses that?

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