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Get MobileTracker Tracklog Application For Only $14.99

MobiletrackertracklogappSkylab just let me know that they have a discount running on MobileTracker until May 23rd. You can now pickup MobileTracker for $14.99 instead of the regular $24 price tag. Its a pretty good deal considering the fact that MobileTracker is one of the leading GPS tracklog applications for BlackBerry. It supports the standard KML format which makes it really easy to use.

From the product description:

Easily record tracklogs using your mobile device and show them in Google Earth or publish them with Google Maps.

Recording a Tracklog:

MobileTracker has been designed to be as easy to as possible. Within 2 easy steps you can start recording a tracklog: 1. Enter a file name; 2. Press the start button to start the recording. Moreover, you can select the delay that should be between every recorded point of your tracklog. This allows you to adjust the recording to your movement.

One more button click is needed to stop the recording and save the tracklog to the specified location.

All of MobileTracker’s information can be quickly viewed in Google Earth’s™ 3D view. It is even not necessary to copy the tracklog file from the device. The BlackBerry® can be easily connected to your desktop computer. By selecting the directory your tracklog has been stored to, you will immediately find your tracklog. Double clicking on it will automatically open your tracklog in Google Earth™.

Furthermore, the tracklog can be published and shared over the web using the free Google Maps™ service. So you can now easily embed a tracklog from your hiking, biking or running trip into your website. Imagine of publishing your current and previous running logs on your website or blog to let people take part in your hobby. Taking advantage of the BlackBerry® you already have will minimize your expense on additional GPS hardware.

Programs like NASA WorldWind are compatible with the tracklog format as well.


The installation process of MobileTracker is as easy with other third party programs. Using the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager on Windows or PocketMac on MacOS X machines will bring the program to your BlackBerry® in less than a minute. The fancy MobileTracker icon will appear on your BlackBerry® desktop and you can go ahead tracking yourself!
The KML tracklog format support assures an easy to use tracklog exchange and a trouble-free integration into other applications.

Skylab Mobilesystem Ltd. is known for professional GPS and mapping applications (like Spot) on mobile devices. Our long experience in the geospatial field results in applications like MobileTracker which has been built for easy usage and convenience.


  • The Tracklog experience on your mobile! Designed to be easy to use.
  • * Worldwide usable.
  • * Customizable delay between position recordings.
  • * Record your track.
  • * Height recording.
  • * Background tracking.
  • * View your track in the Google Earth’s™ 3D view.
  • * Unlimited track length.
  • Guaranteed: 100% subscription free!
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  1. For those who wants to get a program with the same functions (or more) should try bbTracker.
    It shows more statistics while logging (including graphical display of the tour, elevation and speed)… and the best:
    It’s free!

    Bye,………. Hans Wurst

  2. Can you give a quick comparison between the two. I am no tracklog expert…

  3. Look at the feature mentioned above (description of Mobiletracker) and you know, what bbTracker is able to do. Both programs are logging tracks… with one difference, that bbTracker is showing many stats.
    One thing I forgot to mention is that Mobiletracker is able to geocode your photos taken with your Blackberry-Cam. So you can upload them on Google. Because I am using a BB8800 it’s useless for me…. not that I would come to the idea to upload handycam-photos to google….
    All this googlestuff mentioned above is done not with this programs. You have to do I by yourself and your browser.
    Both progs are just logging the data of your GPS to a file (GPX/KML)… thats it.
    I bought Mobiletracker for my trainingsessions and because I didn’t know bbTracker. Actually I am just using bbTracker because of the better visualisation (while logging)… and I could bite me in my ass that I paid 25 $ (minus 15%) for Mobiletracker. Except this photofeature it doesn’t have a feature I can’t find at bbTracker, too. 🙁

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