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FYI About BlackBerry Unite – Let Us Know What You Think

ScreenShot028I know many of you rushed out and installed BlackBerry Unite when we broke the story last night. I am hearing reports that you should backup your BlackBerry before you install BlackBerry Unite. This is because Unite adds an IT security policy just like a corporate BES and you need to wipe the handheld to remove it. So Backup Backup Backup…

Just thought I would share that since quite a few people were sending that tip in.

Let us know if you find any cool undocumented features. I know some readers are trying to see if there is a way to connect the Unite calendar to an Outlook calendar. Any idea’s?

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  1. Wow that tip came too late for me since I’ve already installed it. I hope that policy doesn’t do anything annoying, or will eventually be removable.

  2. I still don’t see the point of having to provide a POP/IMAP e-mail to create a user account. In fact I’m really annoyed. I tried with my e-mail, but that didn’t work. Then I tried with my Gmail, and that worked right away. About 5 minutes later my BB was getting flooded by all my previously read Gmail e-mails, all getting sent to my phone like new. I had to turn my phone off as I have 1000s of read Gmail e-mails, and it looks like they are all on their way to my phone right now. I had this problem once with adding my Yahoo mail to my BB originally. T-Mo rep suggested I clear out my Yahoo InBox completely before adding the Yahoo mail account to my BB. That helped. There is no way I can clear out my Gmail Inbox since there are no true folders like Yahoo has. Help?

  3. Nikolaus: You might try GMail’s IMAP server instead. It should not download all of your previously read e-mails. I haven’t tried it, but I would think it would work.

  4. Again my rant about having at provide an e-mail to create a new user. I removed the Gmail account I added and my BB stopped receiving all my read Gmails. Without an e-mail attached to the User account, everything still works. I’ve floor my co-workers that I can access my C: and MyDocuments from my laptop and open word files, pictures, transfer files, you name it!

  5. I’m not sure about under a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)/BlackBerry Unite, but under my BlackBerry Individual Solution (BIS) I cannot specify the IMAP settings for Google’s GMail…

    My e-mail setup page forces me to use POP.

    ~ Posted wirelessly from my BlackBerry 8800 ~

  6. Can someone tell me WHY now when I want to hit any bookmark for my BB brower it get the message “Brower is disabled by IT Policy.” This can’t be the intended behavior of Unite to no longer allow you to access your Blackberry bookmarks!

  7. If I remake the bookmarks they work, but old ones from pre-Unite install don’t work anymore, even though both bookmarks show brower type to be “Unite! Browser”. That is SUPER annoying!!

  8. My Unite! Findings So Far…

    I too was annoyed at having to include and email address when adding a user so I left the field blank. It created the user without any problems. I use BES through my work account and have Hotmail through BIS, my wife just uses her Hotmail through BIS. We have both been able to sync using the public calendar, but my first impressions have not been good.
    I would say that it feels more like a public beta version. It locks up my (high spec) machine on a regular basis and gives me a lot of Unite File Sync errors. It is also missing a lot of the refinements I would expect from a final version. The calendar is missing recurring events and the ability to change reminders (eg remove the reminder of my son’s swimming lessons). I was expecting calendar functionality more like Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access. It is doesn’t even close to come close to it. You can’t drag and drop calendar items or copy them.
    The file upload/download aspect is awesome in theory, but the 1 meg limit renders it useless for me. Which is particularly annoying as I have an unlimited data plan through my office account (Yes with Bell Mobility).

    To summarize so far the concepts are fantastic. I only hope we get some of the refinements we are use to from RIM and clean up some of the bugs. Her’s looking at a version 1.1…


  9. Sorry guys but its part of being a blackberry pioneer trying everything new until it screws up your device. Sorry I could not get notice up quicker…

  10. Hey my device totally locks up now every time I hit my home screen shortcut. I even deleted CNN and then reinstalled it again from the BB Homepage. Again it always locks up my device due to the f_ing IT Policy. Is this the IT policy of “hey it’s 1.0.0 software you moron?” This wasn’t ready to even release to Bell, let alone all of us.

  11. I am not sure about Vista but you cant install it on Windows XP 64bit. It fails when installing the database.

  12. I have not installed it yet, but modifying the IT policy is NOT a big deal, I have done it before, and there are many ways to wipe the IT policy off your device.

  13. Care to share GT?

  14. check this out, I am not sure what the policy is around here on posting links to other forums, so if the mods delete this I can’t help it

  15. Dont worry about the policy GT. The only things we really censor are racist/sexist/ or just plain offensive comments. We actually welcome links to any other useful resource! Imagine that 🙂

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