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Tmobile8120contestgiveaway-wewonI just wanted to share with you some great news. Do you remember when we mentioned the release of the T-Mobile 8120 back in the beginning of April? We also mentioned the fact that you could register to win one of 1,000 free 8120’s.

Well it turns out it was worth signing up! 6 people have already emailed us with the news that they won one of the free devices! Even I won a free device. I guess not many people signed up.

Let us know if you also won a free device. Emails and phone calls have been going out all week about this so check your junk mail boxes if you entered the giveaway!

You can see what I mean by reading this latest notice from one of our readers:

I LOVE THIS SITE!  I come here for everything! This truly is the best
Blackberry site out there.  Just about every app or theme I have is
from reviews/referrals I’ve read here.  Even got a particular theme
you can’t find anywhere (that is no longer on the site) and was able
to grab before a certain site had taken it down! All thanks to you

Yes, I LOVE my Pearl 8100… but because of this site, I entered The
T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl 8120 sweepstakes last month and won one
TODAY! They’re shipping it to my place UPS over the next 30 days.

Thanks again guys!

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  1. Got the first call yesterday and didn’t answer it since it came in as CallerID of 000-000-0000. After checking voice mail and calling them back and getting their voice mail, they called me again this morning. All they wanted to do was verify my shipping address. When I asked what I do with it (;)), the nice lady said “that’s completely up to you”. So, no activation required, didn’t ask me to pay any shipping or taxes or anything, only caveat was “it is shipping via UPS and a signature will be required”.

    So this will be my first GSM device (I’ve been on VZW since long before they were VZW and bag phones were all the rage). I can’t use this thing myself for daily use since I can’t take a camera where I work, but I DO like the ability to take snaps when I’m out with my son and BBMessenger them to the wife (she does this now with her 8130 but I can’t reciprocate with my 8830 of course). If anyone GSM savvy has any tips on CHEAP ability to use this thing for data only, I’m all ears. Otherwise the wife wants me to ebay/craigslist it (pay for baby formula and clothes!).

  2. I too won a Blackberry 8120!! I was so shocked, but now less so since you said 6 people have reported that they won too. Must not have been a very popular contest! Thanks for the tip though.

  3. I entered to win an 8120 for me and also my wife. Turns out she won, and she’s got my old 8100 and is happy to get the new one. I wonder how long it will take to ship it and what courier svc will they use??? any ideas?

  4. @Lance:
    Both the article and my comment say UPS.

  5. I received a call from a number with the area code 347 that didn’t recognize earlier today, unfortunately, I couldn’t pick up because I was in a meeting… could that be the surprise call?!?! I checked my emails and spam box, nothing… I’m so jealous you all won phones!!!!


  6. Dang…. I never win…..Congrats to the lucky ones.

  7. I also received an email that I won. I was so surprise. I forgot all about this contest. I receive another email stating thanks for verifiying my mailing address. I cant wait. I currently have a 8100.

  8. I recieved a call as well for the 8120 that said I had won. Has anyone recieved there phone yet? I am starting to question this whole “giveaway” due to the fact T-Moble nor Blackberry are not admitting if they had anything to do with this at all.

  9. The lady on the phone (fulfillment company) told me the phone would come straight from RIM and that TMO had nothing to do with this promo.

  10. Thanks for committing I talked to Tmoble several times because I didn’t want to get my hopes high but when no one but forums have any answers it makes you kind of question who you really verified your mailing information to.

  11. My 8820 just arrived today 5/27/08 @ 13:45 EDT. It’s in a T-Mobile box.

  12. Oopsy…my 8120 just arrived, not 8820.

  13. Just got mine! 🙂 UPS, no signature required.

    I was under the impression that this whole thing was some kind of scam, but I guess it ain’t! Nice.

  14. Anyone know if they are gonn do something like this. For the Bold? 😉

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