Guitar Trainer – Another BlackBerry Tool For Musicians

GuitartrainerAfter mentioning ChordGenie on Friday I found this other application for Guitar Hero wanabies.  It is called Guitar Trainer and can be picked up for $4.99 which is cheaper than ChordGenie. This one is more focused towards people who have the basic chords but want to expand their musical vocabulary. The cool part is that it is available in multiple languages ranging from French to Brazilian Portuguese. It worked like a charm on my 8310 but I could not get it to take a screenshot. Every screenshot came out white.

From the description on their website:

How does it work?
It’s very simple: you are presented with a random note on the fretboard, and are offered a variety of 9 choices for the correct answer. Just hit the key corresponding to the correct choice to score a hit!
As your score gets better and you manage to identify notes faster across the entire fretboard, your working knowledge of your instrument increases!
Why would I want this?
You would be amazed to know how many experienced guitarists have such a reduced knowledge of their instrument. Most people tend to confine their learning to tablature, and the shapes of certain chords and scales. More often than not, they have no idea what notes they are actually hitting!


  • Learn the location of notes on the fretboard of a guitar or other stringed instrument.
  • Supports a variety of standard and alternate string tunings: guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin.
  • Training mode allows to focus learning on particular parts of the fretboard, and even focus on individual strings.
  • Game mode provides a fun way to make progress. Work your way through levels of increasing difficulty!
  • Train your ear at the same time as you improve your working knowledge of the instrument.
  • Display notes as letters (A, B, C…) or solfege syllables (Do, Re, Mi…).
  • Left-handed and right-handed neck types.
  • Tune your instrument with your cell phone. Open string tones can be produced for any of the supported tunings!
  • Dynamic user interface that works on a wide variety of mobile devices.
  • Support for pointer input (stylus, touch screen, etc).
  • Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Hebrew languages.

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