Bplay Releases Iron Man BlackBerry Game

Over the weekend one of my friends was a complete broken record. Every few minutes the conversation turned back to how Iron Man is going to be an awesome movie and how I HAVE to see it on Saturday night. It turns out I did not see it (Went out for a drink instead ) but I guess people have really bought into the hype surrounding the movie.  Bplay plans on capitalizing on that with their latest release – Iron Man The Game.

Iron Man – $7.99


You are the invincible Iron Man! Equipped with repulsor rays and the devastating unibeam, you play as the Armored Avenger in this vertically scrolling shoot-’em-up based on the upcoming movie starring Robert Downey Jr. ‘Nuff said.


Visit locations based on locations from the summer blockbuster as you blast away at enemy forces equipped with the weapons that you, Tony Stark, developed. Collect power-ups and destroy relentless waves of enemy units en route to a climactic confrontation with the world’s greatest new foe: Iron Monger!

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