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YWeather – Free & Simple BlackBerry Weather Application

Been having trouble with BBweather? YWeather may be your free alternative. Jason Emerick just told me about his latest brain child that he created for himself and has kindly shared with the BlackBerry community.


The application simply gets the weather information from Yahoo’s weather data API and spits it out on your BlackBerry. It supports US locations based on ZIP codes and international users using their location ID. Not many options but simple and straight to the point with no advertisements.

You can read more about the application on Jason’s Blog. Or you can download it OTA or with your Desktop Manager at this link. He has even made the source code available at the same link. Thanks Jason!


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  1. Installed it, tried it, I think I’ll stick with WeatherEye. I really like how it’s home screen icon is the current weather and conditions. Plus the graphics are better.

  2. Thanks for the info. I love weather apps. I’ll add it to my collection.


  3. This app doesn’t work for me. Uncaught exception: String index out of range: -24 🙁

  4. Luciano…..

    Make sure you only put in 5 digits for the zip code, no spaces before of after, same happened to me until I checked for blank spaces.

  5. Thanks, but this app crashed as soon as I launched it, every time. I never even got to see what it looked like, much less change zip code. 🙁

  6. @garypip Thanks for that solution. I need to add some more protection on the code side to prevent you from entering anything other than a zip code or location ID.

    @Luciano ES Are you perchance using BES? I am still trying to track down the String index out of range error.

    Thanks, Jason Emerick

  7. I only have BIS, Jason. Thank you for your attention.

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