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New Blackberry line running late?

running_late-50.gifIt’s all over the news. Apparently the new line of Blackberry devices will be late, whatever that means since we’ve never been given any release schedule anyway. The first rumors we heard on the street about the new Blackberries was that RIM was having trouble with 3G and battery life, and that has been more or less confirmed. The new rumor now has to do with call quality. Scott Moritz writes:

Research in Motion (RIMM) is facing a delay with the introduction of its new hotly anticipated 3G BlackBerry phone for AT&T (ATT).

The release of the phone, apparently named Meteor, has been pushed to as late as August, from the planned June launch, say people close to the companies. The reason for the delay isn’t clear, but people close to the companies say AT&T had concerns about call quality.

AT&T declined to comment. A RIM spokeswoman said in an e-mail that the company does not discuss unannounced products or comment on “rumors and speculation.”

Yes, I don’t like rumors and speculation either. But if that’s all we have…

I don’t mind being put on hold about a completely new line of products. There must be a lot of strategic positioning and decision making involved, but would it hurt anyone if we were better informed of what the heck is still holding that 4.5 OS? It’s no secret anymore, screenshots and even quasi reviews have been published on the internets, why can’t RIM let us in on what is taking so long? The prompt release of OS 4.5 would keep Blackberry fans deeply entertained for quite a while and the wait for the new line wouldn’t seem so long, don’t you think?

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  1. Totally agree. We need OS 4.5 (aka 4.3) now!!

  2. Hmm, doesn’t the Sprint version of the Pearl (8130) already have 3G (EVDO)? Why is the HSDPA on AT&T any more battery draining?

  3. I am SO wanting OS 4.5, primarily in hopes that the memory leak in OS 4.2 has been discovered and fixed!

    Reports all over the net are that 3G GSM seems to be much more of a battery hog than EVDO. It’s believed to also be what’s also holding up a 3G iPhone, though I saw a rumor this morning that will be out in the June timeframe. Not so sure EVDO is even technically considered to be “3G”, unless maybe it IS if it’s EVDO Rev A, but no Blackberry has Rev A yet. 🙁

  4. Interesting article, David. Makes me wonder even more what the real reasons for the delay are. Other sites have been speculating it has to do with the iPhone. I think it’s possible, but unlikely.

  5. Forbes (via Fierce Wireless) is calling it an 8900? And that the holdup is due to “voice quality”?


    I read BlackBerry blogs religiously. I’m always in the know of the latest BBs, somehow I missed the boat on this one.

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